Tuesday, January 11, 2022

#2508: LaShawn Barber

LaShawn Barber is a wingnut fundie blogger and columnist for World (her drivel is also published on Townhall) whose main schtick seems to be to think that everyone who is different from herself, or who disagrees with her, is controlled by Satan – people who oppose good fundamentalists’ attempts to institute a theocracy, for instance. “Unbelievers [that would apparently include anyone opposed to complete fundie control of government] say they don’t worship him, but he’s ‘the god of this world’ and his influence is obvious,” says Barber, and claims to feel nothing but pain and compassion for those who disagree with her. She probably feels other things, too, but it really wouldn’t make it much better if she didn’t.


Barber is, of course, a creationist. According to Barber and her take on Hoyle’s fallacy, the “idea that an undirected, random series of events caused something as wonderfully complex, specifically magnificent, and infinitely beautiful as life is, to put it mildly, ludicrous.” Of course, the theory of evolution is precisely not the claim that complex life is the result of random chance, so even the premise going into her argument from incredulity is nonsense. But you didn’t really expect her to have the faintest clue what she is talking about, did you?


Diagnosis: To be honest, it’s been a decade since we last noticed anything from her. Perhaps it’s just silly to dig up such old rot. Whatever.

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