Tuesday, January 18, 2022

#2509: Mark Barclay

Mark T. Barclay is a deranged fundie prosperity gospel and endtimes preacher and QAnon activist. Barclay is convinced that the 2020 election was rigged; there is no evidence whatsoever for that, but to support his idea, Barclay has attacked the machines made by the Dominion Voting systems, arguing that the company’s name is clearly an attack on Christianity:


99% … 99% of those who use the word ‘Dominion’ is Christianity. And again – this is just how I see it, guys, and I think I see it right. I mean, I don’t want to sound arrogant, but look – They’re stealing Christianity and everything important that’s us. It’s called Anti-Christ. They steal Christmas from us. It turns into Santa Claus and flying reindeer, etc. They steal Easter from us and it’s bunny with eggs … and this word ‘dominion’. That’s our word. That’s Bible word. It’s almost like, how dare you even use it in this context? And then, if you look into Dominion – you know, I am not an IT guy, but I’m not deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid either – you look into this software, and what it does, and how easily it can be manipulated [for the record, Barclay has not looked into the software]. And, by the way, who’s manipulating it, and who’s governing it? This is Anti-Christ, anti-America, anti-justice, anti-fairness – and it’s being proven! [most things loons believe are always already just now in the process of being proven] And so they need to do something about it, like maybe just get rid of it.


And no, he’s got not a shred of evidence. It’s all a delusional wingnut fever dream (and that’s the charitable interpretation – it may also be, and probably is, projection). And you should probably not annoy him with questions about where we got Christmas and Easter from. Note also how the notion that anybody not agreeing with him on politics is non-Christian, is working as a presupposition.


According to himself, Barclay “is known as a Preacher of Righteousness. He is a proven [there’s the word ‘prove’ again; try to figure out what Barclay thinks it means], precise leader among ministers worldwide. God has anointed him with a severely accurate prophetic ministry.” Mostly, though, he is known for his unabashed and blatant promotion of the prosperity Gospel and his requests for donations. He is apparently also president and founder of Supernatural Ministries Training Institute.


Diagnosis: Unsavory piece of garbage rot to begin with – and that’s before you add the insane conspiracy theories and deranged wingnut nonsense on top. Monster.


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  2. They steal Christmas and Easter, like the christians stole the real pagan festivals to fool the people.