Monday, August 15, 2022

#2557: Joe Biggs

Joseph Randall Biggs is a leading figure in and organizer of the proudly neofascist Proud Boys group. He is also a radio talk show host and former InfoWars staff member.


Prior to 2016, Biggs’s career consisted mostly of posting violent content on Twitter, including promoting date rape and sexual violence (“every kiss begins with roofies”). There is a list of examples here. His Twitter account was suspended in 2019 after promoting the use of death squads to murder “leftists”, in particular perceived members of the largely mythical group Antifa.


As an InfoWars ‘reporter’, Biggs pushed numerous conspiracy theories, such as the infamous pizzagate conspiracy theory, the lunatic idea that Hillary Clinton’s campaign trafficked children through a D.C. pizzeria. To support the claim, Biggs added that Clinton surrounded herself with “evil people” and suggested that hacked WikiLeaks emails revealedan undercover pedophile ring” run by the Clintons. He also pushed the conspiracy theory that the 2015 San Bernardino shooting was a false flag attack: “This is one of those that has false flag written all over it without a doubt. … SWAT team was already geared up. The SWAT team was already geared up and there within seconds. They were geared up and ready within seconds. They knew that this was going to happen.”


Biggs, together with Ethan Nordean, played a leading role in the United States Capitol storming, and in March 2021, a federal grand jury indicted Biggs for conspiracy. Upon being charged, Biggs’s rugged confidence was quickly and predictably broken, as he established himself as the spineless, cowardly snowflake we all knew him to be – he even claimed to be an informant for the FBI in a desperate attempt to avoid having to take responsibility for his actions.


Diagnosis: A prominent Proud Boys organizer. And former “reporter” for InfoWars. I mean, we can’t come up with anything much more insulting than that.


  1. They're called "Proud Boys" because there isn't a man among them.

  2. One of them (still proclaiming that Trump won,) has been sentenced to 4 and half years in jail.