Wednesday, August 31, 2022

#2562: John Biver

John Biver is a columnist for Barbwire, and a fine and representative sample of that particular species.


Biver is particularly notably for daring to voice his staunch opposition to gay rights, even going so far as to describe advocates of gay rights and marriage equality as  homo-maniacal” (apparently he borrowed the phrase from fellow BarbWire commentator Jeff Allen), calling for gay rights to be defeated like Nazi Germany (complete with Churchill quotes): “if we too remain united, can beat the ‘gay’-stapo today!”, said Biver, and added a rainbow swastika flag to his column for emphasis. Part of the reason it’s so urgent is that the homo-fascists wouldlove to sadistically” punish anti-gay activists – yes the common trick of projecting how he would like to treat those who disagree with him, because he is an unapologetic fascist, onto those he disagree with – and would probably “throw in the U.S. Constitution, and the Declaration of the Independence for good measure, as a little more fuel on the ‘gay rights’ fire” and put good Christians in “cattle cars”, because paranoia.


Later, he warned that marriage equality will lead to legal protections for bestiality and the letter Z being “added to the LGBTQIA (etc.) abbreviation.” The claim was based on a law review article by a Cornell student that Biver admitted he only skimmed the beginning of and has “no idea what his argument is.” The article in question in fact argued for strengthening laws against bestiality, but to Biver it was primarily written by an egghead academic and that’s proof enough for him that there will be “a future well-funded marriage ‘equality’ effort for zoophiliacs.”


Diagnosis: It has admittedly been a while, and we don’t know what John Biver is up to these days. It’s unlikely to be anything good.


  1. Psychologists have a term for the John Bivers of this world: "latent homosexual."

  2. Methinks he doth protest too much!