Monday, October 10, 2022

#2575: Ryan Bomberger

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The Radiance Foundation is primarily an anti-abortion organization, and one of those that – instead of serious moral reasoning – tends to base its opposition to abortion on absurd conspiracy theories and garbled fundamentalist idiocy. So its Chief Creative Officer Ryan Bomberger, a self-declared “factivist” (no less – an instance of this), claims for instance that legal abortion is a plot to realize black genocide, and that NAACP should accordingly stand for the “National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.” He even offered Planned Parenthood as a defintion of systemic racism.


To ensure that no one would for a second expect him to engage in serious moral debate, Bomberger has also chosen to adopt a hardline anti-gay stance based on deranged bigotry, paranoia and fundamentalist lunacy. According to Bomberger, the gay rights movement is increasing “hostility towards Christianity in this country,” and homophobia is nothing but a myth (no, he doesn’t see the amazing contradiction). And to emphasize his Christian love for gay people, Bomberger compares them to kleptomaniacs: “The absurdity of terminology like homophobia; so for the people who cohabitate, if you don’t agree with that behavior are you a cohabiphobic? Or if you disagree with someone who has a habitual stealing problem, are you a kleptophobic? That’s the insanity of this; tolerance demands anything but tolerance, just complete formality to someone’s sense of poll-driven morality.”


And to combine his two strands of hateful lunacy, Bomberger has declared thatthe gay rights flag is dripping with the blood of the unborn.” He has also compared Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh to Emmett Till because thus works the mind of Ryan Bomberger.


Bomberger, however, is not a nobody. He has traveled the world, speaking to a number of fundie bodies, such as the Laurentian Society, in addition to showing up at expected rightwing fundie conspiracy theory events like the Values Voter Summit.


Diagnosis: So yeah, this is going all the usual places. Fundamentalist crazy who is apparently unable to distinguish hate from reason.

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  1. Along with "truth," Barber's Law could also include "patriot" and "Christian."