Thursday, October 13, 2022

#2576: Nicki Bonfilio

Nicki Bonfilio is a San Francisco-based “intuitive counselor” who ostensibly “provides guidance” to a variety of clients. According to her website, “my clairvoyant insight is undoubtedly accurate”. So there is that. Perhaps intuiting that some readers may desire something more by way of documentation than her intuitive assessment of her own powers of intuition, she can also boast about having been “voted San Francisco’s best psychic and Best of the Bay” (source not given).


But don’t worry: according to herself, Bonfilio isn’t into New Age charlatanry; rather, she uses “plainspoken integrity” to make “the amorphous world of auras and energy that much more accessible”. Instead of crystal balls, Bonfilio will “tap into subtle energies within you and your environment” to give you an “empowering conversation” – but will demonstrate her powers by pulling “info she couldn’t possibly have known from out of the blue”. That, of course, is called subjective validation (well illustrated here). Bonfilio doesn’t use that phrase. But she will also “call in Durga . . . Quan Yin . . . Anubis” to create a “sacred space” and request that the victim’s intangible guides be present during a session. But that’s presumably ancient wisdom, not New Age.


To be honest, we don’t really know how we came to take note of her, but Bonfilio has at least apparently worked for companies like Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft, and is so good that she can fight off computer viruses, predict how apps will do on the market and keep hackers at bay. So there is that.


Diagnosis: She does seem to be a true believer, at least. Which doesn’t make anything at all better.

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