Sunday, November 13, 2022

#2588: Caleb Brabham

Caleb Brabham is a (minor) youtube personality, author and frequent contributor to local Texas newspapers. According to his bio, he also “graduated magna cum laude from Oral Roberts University in 2007”. Well, then. In any case, Brabham is a creationist, and he is the kind of creationist who attacks other creationists for not being sufficiently pure – such as those willing to countenance a day–age interpretation of Genesis. Not so, says Brabham, “The Bible is a document of logic and reasoning (Isa 1:18), not a treatise on what someone ‘thinks’ it aught [sic] to say”. And Brabham knows what it says; he needs no stinking interpretation. He also provides some thoughtful points to back up his position; you can read about them here (moderately recommended) – an example:


Before Genesis 1:1, what is known as this world, was non-existent. […] There was no ‘time.’ There was no day or night, as this is what He called the comprising of the 1st day (Genesis 1:2). Without the acknowledgment of time, where did man come up with the idea of 24 hour days, and a 7 day week? Research reveals that every civilization known has made use of the 7 day week consisting of 24 hours for each day.” Research does not remotely come up with that. He really isn’t even trying, is he?


Diagnosis: Ok, so this one is borderline too minor even for us, but he put himself out there with his rants, so there he goes.


Hat-tip: Sensuous Curmudgeon


  1. Do you suppose he would have become a world-famous preacher if his parents had named him "Anal Roberts?"

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