Tuesday, November 15, 2022

#2589: Matt Bracken

InfoWars is familiar enough to most as a source of misinformation and deranged conspiracy theories. But the conspiracy theories aren’t just random nonsense: InfoWars associates are actively using the misinformation and conspiracy theories to promote their own ideological purposes. Infowars associate and former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken, for instance, promotes white nationalism, and when he provides tactical advice to white national groups for attending rallies, he also carefully lays the groundwork for “false-flag conspiracy theories that InfoWars can promote in the event of violence. In late January 2017, for instance, Bracken claimed (in an interview with the Red Ice website) that the FBI arrested neo-Nazis ahead of a pro-gun rally in Virginia in order to fabricate a timeline of events that the agency (which Bracken likened to East Germany’s Stasi) would later use to smear people opposed to gun control laws; indeed, he repeatedly asserted that the government actively desire and may even provoke violent incidents at such rallies.


In general, according to Bracken, the U.S. government is deliberately exaggerating the threat level posed by white nationalism in the US in order to advance a globalist conspiracy to open the borders and ultimately implement a one-world government. “This is at the highest level a battle between globalists and nationalists,” said Bracken, and on InfoWars he has instructed viewers on how to accessorize assault weapons for battle proficiency: “there’s going to be a fight”. And immigration is crucial to the globalists’ agenda: “The globalists want to keep the borders open and keep flooding America and the West with unassimilable Third-Worlders” because an effective means to reach their goal is to “bring in more low-IQ people because low-IQ people always fall for the trick of socialism” – that's evidently not a particularly foolproof strategy, since a number of dumb people evidently don't fall for it.


Among examples of government-led false flag operations, according to Bracken, are the 2017 Quebec mosque shootings. Bracken’s reasoning on InfoWars in that case is somewhat hard to follow, but Wonkette summed it up, charitably, as: “George Soros paying off young Quebeçois men to convert to Islam while pretending to be Donald Trump supporters in order to do a false flag attack on a mosque, for the explicit purpose of getting people to not like Donald Trump supporters.”


Bracken has himself authored an online manifesto,Tet, Take Two — Islam’s 2016 European Offensive,” in the style of Anders Breivik and the 2019 New Zealand terrorist (with whom Bracken has expressed sympathy). Bracken’s manifesto, published in 2015 and discussed here, predicted that World War III would break out in 2016 due to an imagined alliance between Muslims and international socialists for the common cause of destroying Western nationalism. The manifesto went on – exactly like the New Zealand one – to blame, at least in part, “emancipated European and American women” for not “producing a new generation” of nationalists.


Bracken has also weighed in on e.g. the J6 Committee’s “demonization of patriots”, the alleged rampant election fraud during the 2020 election (incontrovertible proof will apparently forever be imminently forthcoming) and the “medical tyranny of COVID vaccine mandates. We really cannot be bothered to look more closely.


Diagnosis: Vile and dangerous.

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