Wednesday, August 3, 2011

#234: Terri Leo

A.k.a. “Sultana of the Texas Taliban, Scourge of Scholars, Despoiler of Textbooks”

In a way the
Texas Board of Education is the very symbol of American lunacy. We have already covered people such as Barbara Cargill and – the epitome of deranged bigoted bias – Cynthia Dunbar, and it doesn’t exactly help education in Texas that they’ve had the pathologically truth-challenged Terri Leo there either. This is the kind of work they do (and have done for a long time) – like her colleagues, Leo is adamant that the Bible and Barton-style historical revisionism, purged of “liberal bias” should be the foundation for education in Texas.

Leo is perhaps particularly famous for getting the children’s book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Bill Martin expunged from the elementary school curriculum (the motion was filed by the equally moronic Pat Hardy) because a Google search revealed that Bill Martin had also written a book on Marxism – never mind that this was a completely different Bill Martin. It is rather illustrative of how the wingnuts on the Texas Board of Education do their background search (and of how lunatically deranged they are). Leo lacks the self-awareness to realize that making this claim afterwards don’t reflect well on her mental abilities. More here.

Diagnosis: This “ghastly dim harridan” (Myers) is a zealous enemy of fact, truth, reason and knowledge. Leo would be a hilarious clown if she weren’t so dangerous.

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