Saturday, August 13, 2011

#236: Jonathan Levy

Jonathan Levy has on occasion been the pathologically incompetent attorney for the incomparably insane Orly Taitz. Admittedly, no one would expect anyone serious to help Taitz – the queen of birthers – with her schizophrenic and incoherent attempts to obtain legal recognition of the fact that Obama was born in Kenya and is hence not rightful president of the US, and the bizarre situations arising in her wake. This time around, she appealed to the United Nations for protection (it is unclear what she wants to be protected from) – but Levy, who finally took her case, seems to be a new low. Levy couldn’t even manage to spell the president’s name correctly.

Levy has also appeared on the Alex Jones show babbling less than coherently about the Vatican bank and the Illuminati. His About Me page on Avvo is … interesting.

Diagnosis: Exasperatingly dense crackpot; seems to have a hard time aligning his worldview with anything resembling reality, but is otherwise probably harmless

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