Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#237: Dan Lietha

Dan Lietha is Answer in Genesis’s resident cartoonist (he has also illustrated various religious books, including Buddy Davis’s “When Dragons’ Hearts Were Good” – yes, dragons really existed and were meek during the time of Eden; after all the Bible suggests so). AiG publishes his strips CreationWise, After Eden, and Let There Be Truth. Some examples of his work can be found here, and here, illustrating pretty well where Lietha comes from. He seems to have learned a trick or two from Jack Chick (and perhaps from Family Circus) – and although Lietha prefers the strip format the difference seems primarily to be the form rather than content (though Lietha is less obsessed with eternal torture and the end of the world).

You can find some parodies of his work here. Lietha and the AiG didn’t take the parodies very well, by the way, and responded in the most predictable manner. The whole story is here (there is some nice discussion here as well).

Diagnosis: "Almost funnier than Jack Chick" is not a compliment to one’s mental capacities. I think we can let Lietha’s work speak for itself.