Monday, November 14, 2011

#261: Dennis McCarthy and the EErs

One of the most die-hard, incomprehensibly silly crackpot theories out there is the “expanding earth” (EE) hypothesis (discussed here, in some detail). The current main exponent of the idea is probably superhero comic writer Neal Adams whose main support for the theory seems to be argument by animation. This guy, Guy, has also written several books (i.e. unpublished studies) on the topic apparently.

Dennis McCarthy is the crackpot idea’s main scientific alibi. He has actually written some “real science” stuff where he sensibly avoids taking up his whackaloon ideas. But he has also written extensively on Expanding Earth and – as a consequence – plate tectonic denialism (and subduction denialism; yes, there is denialism – there’s always denialism).

The discussion here may be informative. An explanation of his view can be found here.

Diagnosis: Super-crackpot who shows, once and for all, that even the most discredited and silly scientific theories just won’t die. He is probably harmless and the whole debacle is really rather fascinating.

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  1. Apparently having 160 million or so US adults is enough to provide at least one loon for even the most inanely stupid ideas.

    Even so - This one is really pretty stunning.