Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#264: Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell is the terminally stupid offspring of last post’s Josh McDowell. Even more than his father, Sean is an ardent creationist who likes to make arguments like this one. Despite the intense competition, this must surely rank among the more obtuse creationist arguments out there; see also this). Sean McDowell has even coauthored a book with Bill Dembski titled “Understanding Intelligent Design”. They also compiled a list of “Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Intelligent Design”. Some optimists may have thought Dembski had a basic grasp of science by now. No such luck – unless he and McDowell know they’re being dishonest and just hoping that said biology teachers know nothing about the scientific method or science (in particular information theory) either.

Sean McDowell’s attempt to explain away Tiktaalik is, uh, noteworthy.

Diagnosis: More moronic even than his father, Sean McDowell takes the very effective and very common combination of zeal and ignorance to new heights. He hasn’t quite made an impact to equal his father’s in any respect, but makes up for that in obtuseness.

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  1. Wow, you are a first rate jerk. I can't believe anyone would actually publish the stuff you're writing. You are just drooling vitriol and slander. You ought to be ashamed.