Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#1576: Vic Eliason

Update: Apparently Eliason died back in December. Our apologies for not noticing. 

Victor “Vic” Carl Eliason is the grumpy, insane, old fundie who founded (and prominently presents his views on) the wingnut Milwaukee-based VCY America Radio Network, in particular the Crosstalk section. Eliason is certifiably and proudly evil, and in fact sufficiently crazy to have received an honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from Bob Jones University.

Eliason is a birther and avowed fan of the works of Jerome Corsi, and has just enough insight to realize that he’s not being taken seriously on the issue by anyone not completely unhinged: people “call us just a bunch of crazies, radicals, birthers” and people like himself “get a label, an epithet that kind of raises a shadow over” their arguments. Indeed. To help remedy that impression of him Eliason has voiced his suspicion that Chuck Hagel is a secret Muslim, and has assented to the claim that President Obama is a communist Muslim out to destroy America, saying that the truth of the claim is “evident” since Obama won’t “combine the word Muslim and terror.” Ah, reasoning – how the f***k does it work?

Predictably, Eliason has angrily denounced efforts by the American government to protect persecuted groups abroad, since persecuting anyone other than white, American, Christian fundies is clearly God’s own order. Gays are, of course, a particular target of Eliason’s unbridled hatred. Eliason thinks the effort to end the ban on gay men from donating blood, for instance, is part of a push to normalize pedophilia and bestiality, since same-sex marriage (which “defiles people”) will inevitably mainstream “the molestation of children” and bestiality, which [somehow just] “happens to be part of the abnormal, homosexual and immoral lifestyle,” together, presumably, with Marxism, Islam and valuing evidence. So, affirming a gay person’s sexual orientation is “like saying to the pyromaniac: go ahead and try it again” (Robin Roberts coming out was accordingly “a tragedy”). He has also compared homosexuality to school shootings in an apparently concerted effort not to be outdone by Peter LaBarbera for degenerate idiocy. Indeed, there is apparently even a connection between LGBT “meltdown of morality” and ISIS beheadings.

Diagnosis: A horrible, furiously malevolent creature from the deepest pits of the abyss. Dangerous – so keep your distance – but fortunately really, really stupid.

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  1. " epithet that kind of raises the shadow over..."

    Are you sure he didn't say "epitaph," because I don't think I ever heard him use either word correctly. The guy was a walking malapropism—which is the only reason I'm going to (kind of) miss him.