Saturday, January 2, 2016

#1559: Patrick Doyle & Kristen Luman(?)

Ghost Mine is an exceptionally idiotic – perhaps the most idiotic – paranormal “reality” TV series on Syfy channel. It features a group of miners together with paranormal investigators Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman. The idea is that some old mine in Oregon is so haunted that no one will work there, so while the workers are working Doyle and Luman will run around and interpret literally everything that happens – from power outages to mislaid equipment to non-mislaid equipment as signs from the spirit world. In the process, they use a number of items with blinking lights (“ghost busting technology”) that purportedly indicate whether an area is safe or filled with gold.

Even paranormal fans have complained about how fake the show is. Partially because Doyle has more or less admitted that all paranormal shows are staged, and Luman’s claim to have studied “paranormal psychology” at Portland University is dubious (she does have a background from low-budget horror movies, though).

Diagnosis: Probably not loons at all, but whatever: They deserve to be shamed as much and as often as possible.

Note: I’ve pinched this entry mostly from rationalwiki’s entry on Ghost Mine”. You won’t get me to actually watch that show.

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  1. I watched every episode of Ghost mine several times, and it was not staged. Kristen Luman, and Patrick Doyle are great investigators. There had been talk of them going to another mine, but I guess nothing panned out. It was to be the Blue Devil mine. I have also seen Kristen on another show investigating. I am a huge fan of hers and Patrick.