Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#1661: George Gonzalez

It’s amazing what you can get away with when your audience is scientifically illiterate. George Gonzalez doesn’t understand quantum physics, but neither does his audience; and if you even wonder whether “quantum neurology” as offered by a chiropractor has something going for it, then you are surely disposed to swallow any bullshit you may be served. Gonzalez is also the author of Holographic Healing, the very title of which should suffice to scare away anyone with an even remotely developed critical sense.

According to Gonzalez “We now understand that the Nervous System is inclusive of every aspect of action and communication available to our body. It includes our physical body and our all aspects of our nonphysical body: also known as our energetic body, Bio-Energetic Field, Aura or LightBody. It includes our mind, our thoughts, our emotions and our Spiritual connection.” Well, no: I am pretty sure even George Gonzalez have no actual understanding of what he is trying to say, since what he is trying to say makes no sense whatsoever. He also offers something called the GRT LITE™, which is some kind of light therapy and accordingly pure bullshit backed up by no evidence or plausibility whatsoever.

What about his evidence? Well, Gonzalez does assert that research is important and an important component of his quantum neurology™ seminars. Of course, he doesn’t have the faintest idea how to actually do research; he has case studies – anecdotes, really – written up by someone (himself) apparently completely lacking any shred of knowledge of neurology or idea about how to evaluate cases.

Diagnosis: There probably is no law prohibiting Gonzalez from doing what he is doing, but unless you wish to commit money and effort to something based on abysmal ignorance of how physics and medicine and, well, reality work, as well as garbled nonsense, you ought to stay well away from this one.

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