Sunday, July 17, 2016

#1693: Annie Hamilton

Annie Hamilton is, or at least used to be, the official blogger of the Tea Party Patriots. Imagine that. At least Hamilton is extremely patriotic. She is, in fact, so patriotic that she completely rejects the Constitution in her zeal to protect everything America stands for. She argues for instance (with lots of CAPS LOCK TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU CAN HEAR HER) that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to gather or for instance go to amusement parks. Of course, she doesn’t really think that the First Amendment even applies to Muslims, since, according to her Islam is not a religion: “First, Islam is NOT a religion, it is an ideology – the religious portion only encompasses 11 % (the qur’an) the rest is the Sira and Hadith and the closest parallel to Islam is the Ku Klux Klan.” The she proceeds to manage to claim that Muslims “cannot ever respect our constitution because it’s in direct violation with Sharia.” Well, funny how these things work, Annie.

Diagnosis: So, ok: we don’t know much else about her beyond that screed, which made its rounds on the Internet a few years back. Still: It’s quite enough insanity for decades.

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