Sunday, August 7, 2016

#1700: Jonathan Hansen

Jonathan Hansen, of World Ministries International, is an End Times broadcaster of the kind who sees virtually any news event as fulfilling an endtimes prophecy and who goes on Rick Wiles’s show to discuss the immanent World War III that President Obama is planning in virtue of being the Antichrist. Oh, yes. Apparently the plans were detailed to Hansen by an unnamed congressman who contacted him to reveal that only people who get to a certain part of Idaho will survive the bloodshed. Why would Obama want to do that? Because of gay rights, of course. Obama is trying to silence his critics, such as Wiles and Hansen, and the congressman who allegedly contacted Hansen “said if we don’t stop this insanity, they are going to crash the economy, it’s going to crash and there’s going to be blood flowing through America,” before giving him “this grid coordinates” to a safe location where he could escape with his family. Wiles, somewhat inadvertently, provided what seems to be all the evidence they have for Hansen’s claims: “This is so bizarre what’s happening in the world, I couldn’t make this stuff up.” Which is not very good evidence.

Hansen has been in the end time prophecy business for a while, and has even written at least one book, The Science of Judgment. Needless to say Hansen doesn’t have a very accurate grasp of what “science” could possibly involve (though he likes to call himself “Dr.”), but according to the blurb “God is predictable. There is scientific pattern for the rise and fall of nations throughout history. There are reasons and explanations why 9/11 and Katrina happened.” Of course, Hansen predicted neither, but the kind of predictions he is talking about are those that are best made after the event predicted has occurred. (The book also sports three chapters devoted to “The Deception of the Theory of Evolution”, at least, one of which is “Evolution and Racism” and another is “Darwin’s Hatred of Christianity and Its Fruit”). Here is one of his own prophecies. Predictably, it reads like the grandiose, lunatic ravings of someone who needs professional help.

Diagnosis: Abject insanity, but probably what you’d expect from someone who otherwise sees every event happening in the world as an endtime prophecy being fulfilled. You could, of course, say that Hansen doesn’t care about honesty (with that imaginary congressman and all), but we suspect Hansen is beyond the stage where the reality/imagination distinction makes sense to him anymore.

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  1. Considering you're right around the corner, I suggest one Lisa Haven: fundie crackpot, thinks every medical innovation is the mark of the beast, and pals around with such great minds as L.A. Marzulli(though he's arguably the crazier one). Oh, and she's a total end times nut also, but that's pretty much pat for the course, isn't it?