Saturday, August 20, 2016

#1707: Woody Harrelson

Yeah, it’s a celebrity loon. We’re generally not too interested in those, but many pseudoscience and conspiracy movements are spearheaded precisely by celebrities in lieu of managing to find any real experts to support the crazy – as such these celebrities do, sometimes, play important roles in perpetuating bullshit, and decided, accordingly, to give Woody Harrelson a mention. Harrelson is a raw foodist and organic food advocate – he’s been praised (and deserves praise) for his environmentalism, but it would be good if he focused on environmentalism rather than non-environment-friendly hipster pseudoscience – and even featured in the monumentally silly hackjob documentary “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”.

He is also a 9/11 Truther and was scheduled to appear in a 2012 Truther movie (“A Violation of Trust” or “Trickery and Treachery” or “September Morn”) that doesn’t seem to have materialized. Apparently he is a fan of David Ray Griffin’s The New Pearl Harbor, saying that “after reading this book I can’t doubt that our government was at least complicit in allowing 9/11 to happen. Get a copy and pass it to all your friends, the evidence is irrefutable.” The evidence is refuted here.

Indeed, Harrelson even seems to have been toying with Illuminati conspiracies, no less, and was the narrator for the deranged “documentary” Ethos in 2011.

Diagnosis: Celebrity nut and conspiracy theorist. Yeah, we know – but the thing is that popular and good movie actors tend to be able to attract audiences even to their forays into pseudoscience, silliness and the crazy, thus spreading the shit everywhere.


  1. GD, with the way you put down anyone who is against evolution, you must be an expert at it. If you think you are, then why don't you come to this site and debate this guy:

    Atheism-Analyzed: Discussion Zone for Evolution

    Also, this guy asked if you would do an entry on him a few years ago.

    1. Okay, first, nowhere in this post does the author mention evolution, so how is this at all relevant? Furthermore, I suspect that the intellectual titan running that blog is about as much of an ex-atheist as Stephen Dollins is an ex-satanist, which is to say not at all. At any rate, his past atheism, whether it actually existed or not is immaterial compared to the obvious fact that ol' Stanny ain't exactly playing with a full deck. I mean, he makes himself out to be some sort of rational, logical individual while being remarkably credulous and swallowing seemingly every conspiracy theory he comes across.

  2. Yeah, and don't get Dan Acroyd started about those crystal skulls....

  3. Mr/Ms Encyclopedia of American Loons: I have no opinion about all these folks you have judged - but your meaningless banter suggests that YOU are a self-righteous simpleton and you should point your finger at yourself.