Saturday, November 12, 2016

#1745: Doretta Holyfield-Vega

Another very minor but ridiculous figure, Doretta Holyfield-Vega is an “Independent Minister” and concerned resident of Alabama who filed suit against the government for “the removal of prayer” from schools and other public places, claiming that such “removal” was a violation of her religious freedom. The district court dismissed the case and the appeals court upheld that dismissal. Of course the courts dismissed the case because of Holyfield-Vega’s lack of standing rather than bothering to engage with the ridiculous, crazy persecution conspiracies that were fueling the complaint and similar complaints about persecution from figures on the religious right. One fun detail about the suit is that Roy Moore was named as a defendant.

Diagnosis: Raging fundie with a raging fundie’s trademark martyr complex. A minor figure mostly good for laughs, but her delusional view of the world is scarily widespread.

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