Wednesday, November 16, 2016

#1747: Rob Hood

Rob Hood is – or at least used to be – a commentator at Conservative Voice, and a deeply paranoid, raging lunatic fundie and conspiracy theorist. His main claim to fame is probably his development of “Nine Principles of Conservative Christian Thought” (“conservative” and “Christian” seem to be synonymous for Hood), which he penned in 2006 and which made some rounds in the blogosphere. Of course, some conservatives would probably identify a conservative position with, I don’t know, responsible fiscal policies, free enterprise and protection of personal freedoms. Boy, how stupid aren’t they! As Hood spells them out the core principles of conservatism are rather:

1) Evolution is a myth. Creation is real. God is real. It is still legal to say the word Jesus [yes, persecution is a core doctrine for these people; while it may still be legal to say “Jesus”, people like Hood are convinced that if libruls got their way a ban would be just around the corner.]
2) The Earth is only around 6000 years old Noah built an ark and the world was flooded which created the Grand Canyon. Millions of years is absurd. [But, of course, not really possible to deny if you harbor any commitment to truth, evidence or reason.]
3) Global Warming is a myth and is totally junk science that should be trashed. Volcanoes produce more harmful pollutants in one eruption that all of the cars and factories in the United States have in the last 50 years. [Nope; not even remotely in the ballpark.] For more on the junk science of global warming and Al Gore’s post election failure elusions, take a look at Tom Bethell’s bestseller, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science. [Yes, Tom Bethell, no less; why not Jack Chick? He wrote about global warming, too, you know, and is at least as well-informed on the issues as Bethell].

I think the definition of delusional wingnut might cite Hood’s conviction that the issues described in 1)–3) are political questions. Hood’s points 4–9 concerns commitment to Christianity and anti-abortion, defense against the War on Christmas, the sinfulness of homosexuality (and sex outside of marriage), the infallibility of the Bible and a commitment to the Second Amendment. Said differently: Not a word about fiscal policies or individual freedoms; contemporary conservatism is apparently not about any of that stuff but about guns, Jesus and science denial.

Hood’s wingnut paranoia is well captured in this analys: “Believe it or not many commercials have very liberal overtones and hidden messages that one would not pick up on unless one was actually trained at doing so or used to seeing. I recently saw a commercial where two men were grilling steaks outside on a patio. This commercial seemed innocent enough, but when I saw it the second time around, I noticed the two men were closer than normal and all throughout the commercial there were kids there, but no women. Get the point?” Yup, the libruls are exerting mind control through TV commercials in a deliberate plot to drive Hood insane.

Diagnosis: Insane.

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