Thursday, November 24, 2016

#1751: Richard Hoste

More white supremacism and racism! Richard Hoste might not quite challenge last entry’s Richard Hoskins for derangedness, but he is amply deranged enough to deserve an entry. Hoste writes (for instance) for the Occidental Quarterly and the altright website Alternative Right, a site founded by Richard Spencer that makes VDARE look almost reasonable in comparison and which his currently edited by by Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell, who thinks that European colonialism of Africa should be seen as a “vote of confidence” in the “Black man”. 

Hoste has helpfully set out the mission of the Alternative Right: “We’ve known for a while through neuroscience and cross-adoption studies – if common sense wasn’t enough – that individuals differ in their inherent capabilities. The races do, too [which follows from the previous sentence approximately with the strength that ‘bananas were designed by aliens’ follows from ‘grass is green], with whites and Asians on the top and blacks at the bottom. The Alternative Right takes it for granted that equality of opportunity means inequality of results for various classes, races, and the two sexes. Without ignoring the importance of culture, we see Western civilization as a unique product of the European gene pool. [...] For example, low-IQ Mexican immigration is the greatest threat to America. Anti-discrimination laws should be repealed not only because they’re unconstitutional and infringe on the right to free association, but because whites have very good reasons for avoiding NAMs. Schools should stop wasting time trying to close achievement gaps. And not only do whites have nothing to feel guilty about, they are the best thing to ever happen to blacks. Even ignoring race, humanity will not move forward through equality or by raising up the really stupid to the level of just plain stupid.” Nuff said. (though more here.)

Diagnosis: By his own reasoning Hoste should probably abstain from procreating. Since reason is evidently not his strong suit, we are not holding our breath.

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