Monday, January 2, 2017

#1769: Scott Huse

More creationists. Scott Huse is the author of The Collapse of Evolution, a book that has apparently achieved some popularity in certain circles. Huse’s book, which describes the crisis in and imminent collapse of the theory of evolution, was first published in 1983. A book with the same title was published by one Luther Tracy Townsend in 1905. Apparently the collapse of evolution is as imminent as the end times.

Anyways, the book consists of more or less every anti-evolution PRATT you can think of, such as the claim that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics (the scientific illiteracy required to run that argument is pretty staggering, and it is telling that it is still so popular among the more delusional creationist segments), that there are no transitional fossils, that radiometric dating cannot be trusted, and that human and dinosaur fossils have been found alongside each other. Indeed, when reading Huse claiming that according to evolutionary theory humans descended from birds or that the platypus is the evolutionary link between birds and mammals, one almost starts wondering whether the whole thing is a poe. It isn’t. Huse is just dense.

Diagnosis: Completely delusional. One almost feels sorry for him.

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