Saturday, December 8, 2018

#2115: Buddy Pilgrim

Buddy Pilgrim (real name?) is a Biblical business consultant (Integriy Leadership) who “teaches Biblical principles of leadership, business management and financial success applicable to every Christian in the workplace.” Note the absence of a statement about what applying these principles are supposed to achieve. In any case, in an interview with James Robison Pilgrim emphasized that business is God’s system and complained about how wealth and profit are apparently being demonized these days. He also offered a dire warning about how a “dangerous” spirit of volunteerism (that is, collectivism) is taking hold in America today. Demons, you know. But as long as you turn to God and let the Bible guide your business, you’ll apparently achieve prosperity (and if you don’t, you just didn’t have sufficient faith). Apparently Kenneth Copeland is a fan.

Diagnosis: Nope, not a chance. 

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