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#2387: Lance Wallnau

Director of the Lance Learning Group, a Dallas-based “strategic teaching and consulting” company, Lance Wallnau is currently one of the leaders of the militant wing of the American Taliban. An uncompromising dominionist and self-declared prophet who regularly posts “prophetic insights”, Wallnau is one of the central characters in the New Apostolic Reformation and a promoter of the seven mountains ideology. And he has a frightening amount of power and influence. 

The central goal for the New Apostolic Reformation is to reclaim what it calls the “seven mountains of culture” from demonic influence: government, arts and entertainment, business, family, media, religion and education. Here is Wallnau using his trademark Magic Marker illustrations to explain how these “mountains” of influence are currently being occupied by Satan and how it is a Christian duty to take them back. We’ll take Wallnau’s views on the mountains in turn.



Like many dominionists, Wallnau is a vocal supporter of president Trump, having declared that “God has given this man an anointing for the mantle of government in the United States and he will prosper!” and dedicated a section of his website to explaining (or whatever you choose to call it) why “Trump is the guy that God is going to use” and how he is thus like both king Cyrus and like Samson. In fact, Wallnau has declared that Trump himself is a prophet, partially based on inaccurate and false claims (with conspiracy mongering) in Trump’s tweets.


Indeed, Wallnau tends to refer to President Trump as his “king (parading his victory over his politicial rivals with the heads of his enemies), which is a fine illustration of his general view of democracy and the American system of governance. No, he doesn’t care about the Constitution. He does, apparently, not really care about the Bible either apart from when it can be interpreted as saying what he has already decided he wants it to say.


With regard to the release of the “Access Hollywood” recording on which Trump bragged about getting away with sexually assaulting women, Wallnau said that the video was God’s way of humbling Trump, so that “now he’ll know if he gets elected, it was an act of God,” calling this public humbling of Trump “the circumcision he never got.” 


Although God is using Trump to block Satan’s rise to power, Wallnau warns us that “the spirit of Jezebel” is resisting Trump’s divine mission to save America and vanquish the “one-world order” and “globalist one-world movement,” which is a Satanic plot to pave the way for the Antichrist. The Satanic/demonic connection is presumably important for understanding why liberals are waging a spiritual “jihad” against Christians: “there’s spiritual warfare going on and it’s primarily coming from the left and it’s coming from a spirit that is manifesting there,says Wallnau. “The left is crazy” and the Democrats are 20th Century Pharisees, but the primary evidence for demonic foul play seems to be that “liberals are miserables. You’ll never see a happy liberal. Liberals are always protesting something. They are the essence of discontent; never happy and politicize everything,” as opposed to people like Wallnau, who see things through the lens of a spiritual war between good and evil and therefore don’t distinguish religion from politics. Indeed, according to Wallnauanyone who criticizes Trump is obviously under the control of Satan.


Wallnau has accordingly concluded that Trump is being attacked by a “leviathan spirit” that seeks to “dismember his credibility.” The attack is carried out by liberals who are under demonic control, just like Hitler was (kids protesting for better gun control to prevent more school shootings are also just like Hitler’s Brownshirts, by the way). It was the leviathan spirit that for instance successfully worked to “divide the Bannon/Trump team and which might more recently have been involved in John Bolton’s book (Wallnau bases his assessment on the fact that it seems to contain things critical of Trump), and it is apparently empowered by “witchcraft” that liberals are occasionally deploying: the real reason millions of people marched against Trump the day after his inauguration, for instance, was that upon taking office, Trump evicted an evil spirit of witchcraft from the White House, causing that demonic spirit to go out into the general populationWhat I believe is happening is there was a deliverance of the nation from the spirit of witchcraft in the Oval Office,” said Wallnau. “The spirit of witchcraft was in the Oval Office, it was about to intensify to a higher level demon principality, and God came along with a wrecking ball [Trump] and shocked everyone, the church cried out for mercy and bam – God knocked that spirit out, and what you’re looking at is the manifestation of an enraged demon through the spirit.” And Wallnau himself is helping Trump/God in his efforts: in 2018, for instance, he hosted an emergency prayer session on his Facebook page, during which he took command over the “demonic” cloud of “witchcraft and curses” that has been attacking President Trump and blew it away (he literally blew into his cell phone). But you have to remember to pray for Trump’s family too; Trump may be impervious to the spells of leftist witches, but when those spells bounce off him they might hurt his family


Given that the left is being guided by the “Marxist, communist, crazy and lawless” spirit of the Antichrist (Sen. John McCain, for instance, might have been “under demonic influence, Ocasio-Cortez is in a cult and “not intelligent” Kamala Harris is driven by a “Jezebel spirit and was chosen by the “deep state” to “do what Obama wants her to do, which is to undo Trump’s legacy”) and using both “Nazi propaganda” and “basic voodoo hypnotism” as weapons against Trump, it is no wonder that he God (Wallnau seems constantly confused by the distinction) is telling Christians to “shut up” and stop criticizing President Trump. One supposes that some Christians are occasionally confused into thinking that Trump’s political decisions are about politics, and they’re not: Trump’s wall, for instance, isn’t about Mexico, according to Wallnau, but about Biblical prophecy. So rather than criticize, Christians must united behind Trump, for he is a miracle worker laboring to break the demonization of culture, and “if you don’t go through the window of God when God’s got the window open,” then the opportunity will be lost. And make no mistake, the progressives’ Baal is coming for all Christians to throw them in the lion’s den; it is only a matter of (short) time. At the very least, Christians need to eliminate every “leftist” from the government in order to stop Nazis, who are on the march (univocally supporting Trump), becase “you can no longer be in neutral when the Nazis are on the march”. Only that way can they help bring about the End Times, which is the explicit goal.


Wallnau also credited Trump with saving the life of Steve Scalise during the 2017 shootings, just like he – with the support of Wallnau’s prayers – has saved so many others.


Though Wallnau seems to view himself as a sort of John the Baptist to Trump as Jesus, and although that would make them an impressive couple, they apparently need help, too. In 2017, Wallnau called on God to take His “sword out from heaven” and use it to deal with Trump’s enemies. As a matter of fact, God has helped Trump before, for instance when He smote allowed the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to die before the 2016 presidential election in order to motivate conservatives and Christians to vote for him. Fortunately Trump is currently watched over by the very same angel that protected Ronald Reagan. The help is still needed because Trump’s enemies are united (yes, Wallnau is of course a deranged conspiracy theorist): a 2019 suicide bombing in Syria that killed four Americans was for instance, as Wallnau imagines it, “coordinated” by defense contractors opposed to Trump’s plan to withdraw U.S. troops from the country.


Some other examples of conspiracies: the bombs that were sent to various Democratic leaders and members of the media in 2018 were a false flag operation: “I’m telling you, I think it’s ALL a set up. It’s not the Trump base behind these bombs any more than it’s them funding those mobile mobs;” rather, it is presumably the CIA – in fact, when the perpetrator was caught, Wallnau concluded that he was obviously possessed, and demons are working for the liberals, aren’t they? The same year Wallnau prophesied, based on passages from the Old Testament, that “the entire deep state intrigue” against President Trump would be exposed by June 6, and it would bemassive disclosures, a virtual hemorrhaging of information”. When that didn’t happen, for obvious reasons, Wallnau insisted that his prophecy had actually come true but that the proof was “being suppressed,” and claimed that a Department of Justice inspector general report that had just been released would “vindicate” him. It didn’t, but Wallnau nevertheless claimed victory by shouting very loudly that it did. (The Bible, after all, tends to take a rather dim view of false prophets, so it is somewhat important for Wallnau to avoid that rather obvious association.) Wallnau has repeatedly ranted about the deep state, and even when his rants don’t involve demons, most of his claims are based purely on his paranoid imagination – it’s not like he is misconstruing things or being inaccurate: were he not delusional, everything he says would have counted old-fashioned, baldfaced lying.


Also in 2018, Wallnau said that the Unite the Right rally was a liberal false flag operation organized by the left in order to get all of the left-wing activists funded – because there has, according to Wallnau, never been a white supremacy movement in America.


In reward for his efforts, Wallnau has been granted access to Trump’s inner circle, for instance when discussing peace plans for the Middle East.


Wallnau and his accomplices have helped Trump with international politics in other ways too, however, such as when a group of “key intercessors” had to go to Singapore to fight a spiritual battle against demons unleashed by other Christians who had prayed against Kim Jong-un to “cleanse” the area for the Trump-Kim summit in 2018; these anti-Kim-Jong-un Christians had unwittingly released demonic forces through “destructive” prayers, and the other intercessors had to go to the location of the summit where “they ran into was darkness that was shrouding this because of word curses from Christians. As they went up in the spirit, they saw demonic hosts that had been authorized by the anger and the fear and the utterances that were unauthorized by believers. And so, in a sense, these word curses were wrapped around the event and they had to repent on behalf of Christians for cursing.” Fortunately, the intercessors succeeded and opened the door for “North Korea to flourish with Christ.”


Arts and entertainment

Hollywood has been an enemy of good Christians for a while, but according to Wallnau “God is now visiting Hollywood.” The sexual abuse scandals that have been rocking Hollywood, in particular, are God’s judgment on the entertainment industry for criticizing President Trump (rather than for, you know, sexual abuse, which doesn’t really matter that much to Wallnau’s God, whoever He might be.)


As for the NFL protests in 2017, Wallnau concluded that Satan is behind the whole thing, working through the “spirit of globalism”, which, by the way, is also “what the climate accord is all about. I always thought there was something demonic and suspicious about these things. Now I get it.” 



In 2012, Wallnau explained that the Occupy Wall Street movement emerged as a result of the fact that the Devil, and not wingnut fundies, was in charge of Wall Street banks, which unsurprisingly led to the economic crisis in 2008. Along with the economics mountain, “the Devil will send kings” to the different cultural mountains, such as government media, arts and education, to “screw it up,” at least as long as government leaders are “under the Kingdom of Darkness”, which they were in 2012, and it is the responsibility of people with a “biblical worldview” to “dominate” each of the Seven Mountains.


Things have improved. In 2018, Wallnau told his viewers not to worry about any decline in the stock market because there is no way that God will allow the United States to suffer as long as President Trump is in office – although in 2017, God did cause the stock market to drop to punish CEOs who were critical of Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville violence. Economics is really a branch of wingnut theology.


As for his personal finances, Wallnau has dutifully used Facebook to repent to his followers for the “sin” of not asking them to send him money.



Wallnau is, not entirely surprisingly, no fan of gay marriage. And it is really Satan, working through “globalists”, who is behind things like gay rights: globalists are deliberately pushing policies “that eradicate the definition of things like marriage, gender and borders because they love to create chaos as a means of empowering an elite to come in and clean up after it.”



As mentioned above, President Trump is, according to Wallnau, repeatedly being attacked by a “leviathan spirit” that seeks to “dismember his credibility.” The purpose of that spirit, Wallnau said, is to “twist the meaning of things” in order to create strife, and it is currently working through the media “to assault Donald Trump.” The media is, in other words, currently paving the way for the Antichrist, and CNN and NBC are run by false prophets. In particular, the “CNN does more to rape the reputation of the United States and destroy our influence as a democracy than any other organization in media history. They are the enemy of more than the people, they are the first phase of the emerging ‘False Prophet’ of Revelations.” Wallnau putatively doesn’t like false prophets. More specifically, the media is like “Pharaoh as they are in pursuit of this president with false allegations and accusations in the echo chamber of the deceived, causing Americans to be confused and bewildered because of the lies and the propaganda that come out of the mouth of the false prophets.” Bewildering lies and propaganda flowing from the mouth of false prophets indeed. 


In response to the media’s stories, Wallnau commanded God to send an angel to protect Trump – Wallnau’s requests to God have gradually become more assertive, such as when he warned God to get off his butt and help him (Wallnau) smite his (Wallnau’s) enemies because otherwise He (God) is gonna look really bad.


In 2017, Wallnau hailed “the king” Donald Trump for taking on his enemies in the media by calling critical reports about him “fake news”, asserting that since God has anointed Trump, members of the media will only suffer when they challenge him. Accordingly, when Trump have reporters removed from events, he is really casting out demons



According to Lance Wallnau, Lance Wallnau is so holy that he literally sparkles and his meetings are so anointed that he keeps “getting this gold dust and glitter on my face” because of the presence of angels. (The angels in this particular instance were on assignment to take control of the media for Jesus, which is why “the New York Times and CNN [are] in such deep doo-doo and what’s happening with Hollywood and Johnny Depp and Bill Maher and all the big mouths and the crazies as they’re running their mouths; God is literally taking the wheels off of the chariot of pharaoh as he’s trying to persecute what God is doing” through President Trump.)


Wallnau’s holiness also ensures that his prayers are particularly effective. In 2017, for instance, he commanded Hurricane Irma to change its projected path away from Florida by repeatedly and passionately ordering the storm to dissipate and turn out into the Atlantic Ocean. That obviously didn’t happen. Wallnau nevertheless declared victory. He also suggested that the storm didn’t damage any of President Trump’s properties in Florida because Trump is protected by God: “that was a demonic storm … The Lord didn’t send it, the devil is loosing chaos in America,” which means that men as holy as Donald Trump are safe. Later the same year he unsuccessfully tried to command hurricane Maria to turn away from Puerto Rico, thanking the Lord for “giving us power over the elements because they have to submit to the authority of Jesus on the earth.”


Though perhaps not as aggressively scared of Halloween as some of his fellow prophets, Wallnau has pointed out that the end of October is when “Christians focus on Harvest themes and pagans focus on Halloween,” which makes it “a great time of year to do evangelism if you build it around the END TIMES and SPIRIT REALM teaching.” He also offered a spell recipe for breaking witches’ curses, based on his audio manual “Breaking Controlling Spirits and Leviathan”.


In 2017, Wallnau prophesied that in January 2018, Trump was going to have an encounter with God that would lead him to begin quoting the Bible “at an unprecedented rate.”



No fan of higher education, for the obvious reason that intelligent and knowledgeable people tend to disagree with him, Wallnau has claimed that college professors are “priests of Baal” and “intellectual pedophiles molesting the virgin territory of your children’s imaginations.”


When Katherine Stewart criticized the anti-science attitude of the religious right in a New York Times column, Wallnau was outraged, though: “I don’t want my children to live in a world where they can get publicly raped by the New York Times and have people stigmatized [about] their religion because they’re told that Christians are anti-scientific.” Yes, science is a demonic plot by intellectually pedophilic scientists at Baal-run institutions, but pointing out that he is anti-science is “publicly raping” him. He is so persecuted it’s hard to believe.



In 2013, Wallnau prophesied that God is going to give Christians “technology that can heal diabetes” within months, along with technology “that is going to revolutionize our dependence on oil and energy.” The new discoveries would only be “given to Kingdom-minded believers” and not sold to benefit the general public, however, although he urged that the diabetes cure be shared with “top layers of the political elite” of the Chinese Communist Party in order to gain access to their government and help spread the Gospel.


In 2017, he claimed Milo Yiannopoulos (remember him?) “in the name of Jesus for the Kingdom of God”, predicting that Yiannopoulos would soon be going to undergo a radical religious conversion and, by leading campus revivals, lead an army of millennial prophets who will take on the left. If you ever wondered how the children’s crusades could have happened, Wallnau is how they could have happened.


There is a good Lance Wallnau resource here.


Diagnosis: Thinking that people who disagree with you must be possessed by demons, and that whenever you are wrong about anything you are really right but demons make it look otherwise, are not indicators of a healthy mind. But it is certainly part of the job description for leadership in the New Apostolic Reformation. Lance Wallnau is a deranged, rabid, hateful and ridiculous man, but he is also frighteningly powerful.

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  1. Wallnau's latest blatherings came up as an Amazons recommendation, based allegedly on my previous searches, so much for its algorithm. I am shocked beyond words that he is not permanently detained in a secure institution, for his own and others' safety; but worse than that, he has admirers, people who give him five stars. What in the name of all that's profane is wrong with America that such a clown manages to get into print, and persuades some of you guys that the orifice he is talking out of is actually his mouth? I despair, I really do.