Sunday, September 20, 2020

#2386: Linda Marie Wall

According to plenty of fundies, hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks and all sorts of disasters are part of God’s punishment, but they seem to have a hard time agreeing on precisely what He is punishing us for. Hurricane Sandy, for instance: according to Linda Marie Wall, Hurricane Sandy was aimed at the state of Vermont for ruling against Lisa Miller in a legal battle Miller engaged in to prevent her former partner from having visitation with the daughter they raised together before she suddenly decided that being a lesbian was evil. If correct, then God’s aim is so questionable you might start worrying about a couple of other things as well. Linda Marie Wall did not go there.  

 Wall is an ex-gay activist, and a close friend of the aforementioned Lisa Miller. Wall did for instance create a Facebook group to support her after Liberty Counsel’s Rena Lindevaldsen, Miller’s lawyer, dropped her own facebook support group for obvious reasons when Miller kidnapped the child and disappeared (with the help of one Philip Zodhiates, a religious right activist whose daughter, purely coincidentally of course, happens to be an administrative assistant at Liberty University Law School, where Lindevaldsen works). Wall supported Miller throughout, though, arguing that prosecuting crimes is anti-Christian bias and comparing the kidnapping to the underground railroad during slavery and Miller to Harriet Tubman. 


Apparently Wall herself at one point just stopped being gay after reading the Bible: “God had said homosexuality was wrong and that settled it!” She got into homosexuality in the first place by (presumably demonic) seduction – it all started with “a glass of wine and marijuana and homosexuality “was as if it was an instant addiction as to a drug. And who is behind the LGBT movement? Why, “it is none other than Satan himself,” of course. Wall’s description of her escape from the addiction is actually worth reading – it involves serpents and spiders and Satan glaring at her from paintings and good old-fashioned Satanic ritual abuse: in Wall’s world, Satan isn’t just lurking in the shadows behind oblivious gay activists; those activists are active Satan worshippers engaging in real rituals with blood drinking, ritual magic and Unitarian priests who turn out to be avatars of the devil himself.


She is also the founder of a Religious Right group called Virginia Mass Resistance, formed to oppose gay rights and promote reparative therapy. And although “men marrying men and women marrying women [is now] the law of the land,” Wall isn’t ready to give up: “Although I saw it coming, I still want to vomit every time I am reminded of this abomination.” And in her article series “The Day of Silence – ‘We’re Coming After Your Children’,” she lamented that children are “mentally being raped by” the Day of Silence, arguing that it “should be criminal for schools to promote such a behavior that is life threatening.”


Diagnosis: Fundamentalist loon who struggles mightily to distinguish reality from her imagination and reason from incoherent nonsense. A fitting representative for the contemporary antigay movement.

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