Monday, February 1, 2021

#2435: Dean Young

Dean Young was one of several Republican candidates running in a special election to replace Rep. Jo Bonner in Alabama’s first Congressional district in 2013, where he received some attention for his level of derangedness and hate, which was striking even for an Alabama candidate. One of the things he tried to do, was to get his fellow candidates to sign a pledge, the “Pledge to Oppose Gay Marriage”, to discriminate against gay people at all levels of society and affirm that they belonged to a church that officialle opposed marriage equality. Young claimed that a pledge like this was necessary because same-sex marriage is “a corruption which seeks to destroy the concept of the family” and there should be no place in his party for candidates who support “homosexuals pretending like they’re married.” 

Young tried to emphasize that he isn’tanti-gay” and that his proposed pledge was rather morivated by solid moral and historical principles. After all, [w]e’re very close to being at the end of our nation. If we don’t support the godly principles that made this nation great, then we’re going to lose this nation,” said Young. He had previously told any Alabama gay people to go back to California or Vermont or “wherever they came from” (yes, they’re all immigrants as well, who has no business in Alabama) and claimed that advocating against homosexuality was “no different than speaking against murder and other crimes.”


In his 2012 primary challenge to Bonner (which he lost), Young – who also pledged to introduce articles of impeachment against Obama – received more than 24% of the vote, as well as an endorsement from Roy Moore, which is something normal people would try their desperate best to hide. Instead, Young emerged as Moore’s own campaign strategist for Moore’s 2017 bid for Senate, where he once again argued that the Supreme Court decision that allow gay couples “to pretend to be married” was the worst ruling in American history – officially after Dred Scott, but probably in Young’s mind really the worst, we suspect. As Moore’s campaign strategist, Young continued to warn about how same-sex marriage would lead to the end of the nation and how, if Moore lost, “they’re going to come after your pastors, they’re going to come after your businesses.”


Oh, and Young is also a birther, having called President Obama’s country of origin “the $64,000 question.”


Diagnosis: Yet another deranged moron running for a position of power, and, like Moore, he turned out to be too deranged, hateful and incompetent even for Alabama – not that he didn’t receive quite a bit of support, though. We may not have seen the last of him.

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