Sunday, February 28, 2021

#2445: Emeal Zwayne

Emeal Zwayne is not only affiliated with Ray Comfort’s Living Waters Ministry, where he is, indeed, the president, but is also Ray’s son-in-law. Zwayne has been involved in several of Ray’s publications and has been an executive producer and regular co-host on Comfort’s Way of the Master television program together with Comfort and Kirk Cameron, often chiming in to repeat and back up Ray’s own points in the silliest and feeblest ways imaginable. So for instance, when Lawrence Krauss suggested in a book that religion was on its way out, Comfort and Zwayne would of course not assess his arguments or evidence on its merits (probably flimsy), but rather conclude that Krauss not only hates Christianity, but that “he hates Christ” and then agree that “Hitler said some similar thingsHitler’s Youth.” And that, Zwayne gravely concluded, is “very, very terrifying, friends.” Because when you have no intellect and no moorings in reality, you have no choice but to follow your obtuse imagination to the most utterly foolish and brainless places it will float you.
Zwayne is also Executive Producer of Ray Comfort’s movies The Atheist Delusion, 180: Changing the Heart of a Nation, Evolution vs. God: Shaking the Foundations of Faith and, most recently (perhaps – they tend to vomit out these kinds of videos), Pandemic, Ray Comfort’s own take on the Covid-19 pandemic, which, as you would have guessed, is feeble even by the standards of the nonsense that is going around on the fundie conspiracy theory circuit.
Zwayne is apparently also a regular at various young-earth creationist conferences and homeschooling summits, as well as an official spokesman for the National Bible Bee organization. 
Diagnosis: No, we couldn’t really be bothered to look up many of Zwayne’s talking points. The very fact that he’s on board with – and helps promote – Ray Comfort’s silliness, is all you need to know. That some people – homeschooling parents in particular – listen to him is less funny.

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