Wednesday, February 3, 2021

#2436: Kara Young

A.k.a. Kara Russo 

Kara Young is a Tea Party activist, “a Catholic, 100% pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom Republican” and a 2014 candidate for Lt. Governor in Rhode Island. She is also the wife of the late Chris Young, a crank and perennial candidate for various offices in Rhode Island, including positions in Congress and mayor of Providence. Young herself is best known for her affiliation with the hate group NOM, which includes having produced a series of videos that clearly lay out NOM’s views of gays and same-sex marriage, such as claiming that homosexuality is a sin that is self-destructive,” that “the wages of sins is death,” and that the LGBT community has “a radical agenda that is destroying America.” Yes, the same old stuff. Doesn’t make it less loony, though. 


According to Young, the idea of gay rights is void because “an immoral wrong can never be a civil right”, which is a claim both contentless and interestingly reminiscent of the style of arguments we heard about different but not unrelated issues some 60 years ago. Moreover, legalizing gay marriage “is the first step towards pushing for civil rights and non-discrimination for pedophilia,” because Young is patently unable to draw pretty fundamental distinctions.


Diagnosis: Yeah, well: A minor figure, but a hateful, bigoted, completely nutty fundie nonetheless. She just might pop up in some position of influence on the religious right, so it is worth keeping tabs on her.

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  1. In Providence some years ago, a friend of mine stood in line at the grocery store. He was looking at the Providence Journal, which featured a story about Chris Young's latest run for office. My friend said, "That guy really needs to give it up."

    What he hadn't noticed was that Chris Young stood two places behind him in the line. When he heard my friend, Young declared, "I'll never stop running!"

    So my friend turned around, looked directly at Young, and replied, "And you'll never stop losing."