Thursday, April 1, 2021

#2458: Ray Alcon

Ray Alcon is a North Carolina-based preacher, religious fundamentalist and creationist – really just a local village idiot, but we’re aiming for comprehensiveness here, so we’ll grant him a brief entry. Alcon isconvinced that evolutionists live in a world of make-believe and delusionand thatthere isn’t one single and scientific fact that established evolution as true”; he’ll adamantly refuse to look at whatever piece of evidence you may offer. “The fact is,” says Alcon, “evolution has never been, nor ever will be, observed,” which is false and anyways not how science – testing hypotheses and theories (which are about the unobserved) against observable data that will confirm or disconfirm them – works. Not knowing how scientific inquiry works, Alcon is ready to employ any silly creationist talking point to further his case, whether he begins to understand it or not, including appealing to the second law of thermodynamics (it “destroys the possibility of evolution”, according to Alcon, which is silly) and denying the glaring evidence of the fossil record (“there has never been and never will be an intermediate evolutionary form found in the fossil record”, asserts Alcon – falsely, to the extent that the claim is meaningful).


Alcon’s clincher, however, is that there are many Christians who deny evolution, despite “decades of brainwashing in our educational system”. In fact, all Christians deny evolution, by definition: there may be people who claim to be Christians who believe “the big lie”, but they aren’t: “The word ‘Christian’ means ‘Christlike,’ and Christ never did nor ever will deny His creation.” So there.


Diagnosis: Silly creationist, fundie and local village idiot. Minor, but dreadfully moronic.


  1. He's from North Carolina. Enough said...

  2. As someone explained to me (biology teacher at a really fundie school) ... both the creationist and the evolutionist have to remember that neither of them were there when it happened ...