Monday, March 7, 2022

#2519: Stephen Bassett

The 2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was a meticulously organized fake Congressional Hearing where a bunch of people ranging from former Representatives (e.g. Mike Gravel and Lynn Woolsey) to wild-eyed fake shamans were asking deep and important questions about UFOs, alien visitations, coverup conspiracies and the whereabouts of human–alien hybrids. (It is one of the top five exo-political questions,” said Stephen Bassett:Boy, I’m looking forward to finding out the answer to that.) The event, which was emphatically not a Congressional hearing, although it was designed to resemble one, was arranged by the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), a group that seems to be engaged in a somewhat one-sided but rather intense battle to get our governments to reveal that they have been hiding the truth about UFOs from us for decades – to end the “truth embargo” – and has overall tended to behave more or less the way you’d expect a group like this to behave, fake Congressional hearings being an illustrative example.


Bassett, a self-styled exopolitical activist, is the Executive Director at PRG and, apparently, America’s only registered lobbyist on UFO and extraterrestrial issues at present. According to Bassett, the US government-led truth embargo went into effect after the alleged Roswell incident in 1947, and was designed to conceal information about the existence of UFOs for reasons nebulously related to national security: Ostensibly, the risk of exposing such information would have been too great at the time, given the imminent Cold War, with countries arming themselves with nuclear weapons and suchlike – the fact that the Soviet Union got their atom bomb two years later might have suggested that 1947 would have been an excellent time to disclose the truth, but whatever – the conspiracy probably runs deeper than you think anyways:The Cold War and the ET phenomenon work in parallel,” asserts Bassett.


The fake Congressional Hearing seems to have been the culmination of the Citizen Hearing, a proposed public forum created by Bassett and Alfred Lambremont Webre to create a fact-finding process surrounding extraterrestrial phenomena and alleged government suppression of such facts. And at present, it is only a matter of time before the president “announces to the American people that we’re not aloneand provides official confirmation that “there are extraterrestrials, not only elsewhere, but engaging us now.” Bassett is, in other words, not particularly interested in fact-finding – he’s already got the facts; he just wants the government to admit to them. “It’s solid,” Bassett says about the alleged proof that aliens have visited Earth.


And he’s been at it for a while. Bassett formed the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee in 1999, and in 2002 he ran for Congress in Maryland as an independent on a pro-disclosure platform. He has also hosted several conferences on “exopolitics.


Diagnosis: It’s hard to view him as anything but unusually harmless in the context of the people we generally cover at present. It’s a lot of zeal and persistence tragically gone to waste, though. 

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