Sunday, March 20, 2022

#2523: Jeff Baumann

Jeff Baumann is a Minnesota-based paranoid activist who is very, very afraid of zeh Muslimz’ attempts to infiltrate the GOP – so much so that he even introduced a resolution, in 2018, tominimize and eliminate the influence of Islam” in Minnesota’s Republican Party, which also suggested thatno Islamic leader, religious or otherwise, shall ever be allowed to deliver the invocation at any Republican convention or event and that “legislation, policies, and educational programs [to] be implemented ... so as to evermore minimize and eliminate the influence of Islam within Minnesota, including Minnesota schools.” (His concerns didn’t fall on completely deaf ears, as several Minnesota Republican representatives and lawmakers – Cindy Pugh, Kathy Lohmer and Dave Sina, for instance – had raised concerns precisely about Muslim infiltration of the GOP.)


According to Baumann,there is a natural tension between Islam the US Constitution insofar as Islam leaves very little room for Muslims to have independent thought. He also said thatI believe what I’m saying is not hateful, not ignorant and not bigoted; it’s just that Muslims have a “fundamentally different vision for how society and governments should be organized,” and that the future of Muslim-Americans in leadership positions would be one of “civil war, genocide, concentration camps and other horrible, horrible things.” Muslim-Americans currently involved in politics are also dishonest.


Baumann has also fought passionately against building mosques in Minnesota, describing it as “treason” and “aiding the enemy.”


Diagnosis: It’s good that he is so clear and unambigious about not being an ignorant bigot, since some of us might have been fooled to conclude otherwise on the basis of his words, thoughts, actions and character. Well, then.



  2. All religions are a plague, not just Islam. And by the way, "right" and "correct" mean the same thing.

  3. Looks like Stern drank all the tap water in Flint.