Thursday, March 31, 2022

#2526: Walter Bayes

Walt Bayes has been a candidate in the Republican primary for Governor of Idaho in various elections, running primarily on promising to outlaw abortion. For his 2014 run, he was apparently also interested in prison reform, primarily by seeking to “make sure there are Christian ministers and literature available” in prisons since this is apparently the only way to reform criminals – we tentatively infer that this is his view based on rants consisting primarily of Bible quotes.


Yes, Bayes is a fundie’s fundie, and like many wild-eyed fundies, Bayes has views on education; lamented Bayes: “Today’s schools teach evolution and sex ed, in direct opposition to the word of God. They teach young girls that they should enter the workplace and compete with men, and to forsake the God-given duties of a wife and mother.” And, warned Bayes, “[w]hen you take God out of school, you have an ungodly school, and you will have to build another prison to hold ungodly graduates.” Yes, solving crime really is that simple, in the eyes of Walt Bayes: “When God made man and gave him a family, he gave us a Bible, which is a manual. You follow the teachings of Christ, and things will work out all right, or you can let the government raise your kids, and you will need a prison to hold them!


In that light, it is interesting to note that Bayes has served some jailtime himself. His manual seems to have some holes, in other words. According to himself, he was jailed “for his beliefs”. The court records suggest that this assessment is a matter of delusion, unless he means his beliefs about the law, which didn’t help him much.


Though the Republican primaries for the governorship of Idaho might seem parochial to some, Bayes and some of his primary candidate colleagues managed to draw some national attention for their colorful debate on gay marriage.


Diagnosis: Colorful if viewed from a distance, but really a spinning ball of paranoid, self-righteous anger, delusions and religious fervor. Maintain that distance.

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  1. According to one of the articles he liked, he and his wife had 16 kids!