Sunday, March 13, 2022

#2521: Vicki Batts

Vicki Batts is a deranged conspiracy theorist writing for NaturalNews, one of the most productive fake news factories on the Internet. Batts is a general anti-science conspiracy theorist, having invented fake news stories promoting a range of topics, from climate change denialism to anti-fluoridation and anti-vaccine pseudoscience.


A sample of her claims (and style):


-       That ADHD is a fake disease invented by Big Pharma to drug children for profit

-       That flu shots actually spread the flu, based on a survey showing that many people think that flu shots spread the flu and some dumpster diving in the VAERS data base.

-       That scientists are engaging in fraud to “adjust” sea level data to create a false impression of rising oceans

-       That adding fluoride to drinking water constitutes “mass poisoning, based in part on the rock-solid foundation that “Some [unnamed] believe that …


She is also the author of the book Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: Evidence-Based Strategies for Reversing Type 2 Diabetes That Your Doctor Doesn't Know and Drug Companies Hope You Never Find Out, which contains precisely the type of spam it sounds like it contains.


Diagnosis: Completely unable to distinguish deranged, paranoid fantasies from reality, or helping people from scamming them. Might be Australian, though.


  1. "Completely unable to distinguish deranged, paranoid fantasies from reality." In other words, perfect for Natural News.

  2. Why don't these anti-science entities get fined for their fraud like the champions of true science (Pfizer, J&J, the Sacklers) do? It just isn't fair!

    1. You're a completely deranged koolaid drinker. No doubt, there's vodka in your ritual koolaid, too.