Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#143: William Gheen

William Gheen is an ardent teabagger and the leader of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC or ALIPAC (your standard “put minefields around the border” anti-immigration group).

He is probably best known for his claim that Lindsey Graham is a liberal traitor (seeing Lindsey Graham as liberal should be lunacy enough) because he has worked with Democrats. The reason he is a liberal traitor, according to Gheen, is because he is gay (something Graham denies). The implicit premise is, of course, that being gay leads to being corrupt: see here,
here, and here.

A fair analysis of the incident is here.

The organization’s website is here. It is exactly what you’d expect, for instance with respect to providing news about Mexico and Mexicans to show how bad they are and how dangerous they would be to the American Way of Life™ if they were let into the country.

Diagnosis: Kook and nutjob, hateful and evidently reality-impaired. Whether he actually wields any influence on opinion or just reflects a standard wingnut position is unclear.


  1. He may not be the loon with the highest profile, and his loonantics are standard fare. But at least he's sure to bring it in.

  2. Here's Gheen's argument that "violence may be needed" to prevent Obama's attack on white America.

  3. You gotta hand it to Gheen. Here's Gheen trying to recast his battle against immigration as a religious crusade as if that would have lent it an air of legitimacy.

  4. Gheen exposes an immigrant plot to collapse the American economy and break America apart. What should we have done without Gheen – no one else would have discovered that one. In fact, Obama is even arming those illegal aliens, all the while he is fighting the Second Amendment tooth and claw. It is only a pretense, of course. The real agenda is to make sure that real Americans will be defenseless when the immigrants attack.

  5. Here is Gheen's attempt at seeing the Big Picture. And here is his (priceless) complaint to Fox News.

  6. ... but Gheen is not racist. He just wants to preserve white rule. Good to have that cleared up.