Saturday, February 19, 2011

#150: Michael Glatze

Skipping Werner Gitt, who – despite his lunacy and association with the Discovery Institute’s combined obsession with and ignorance of information theory – is German and hence disqualified from our encyclopedia, we will move on to a very sorry figure. Michael Glatze is a guy I can’t help feeling some sympathy for. He is a loon, though.

Who he? Well, he is really not very notable as a purveyor of lunacy, and probably completely harmless. His story being duly covered by the WorldnetDaily, Glatze was the co-founder of Young Gay America and advocate for gay rights. Then he publicly announced that he no longer identified as a homosexual, and denounced homosexuality (after becoming a Seventh Day Adventist). Currently, he seems to be giving talks on his transition from gay to ex-gay.

To the WorldNetDaily, Glatze said this: “The pressure to succumb to homosexual desires is also immense [... T]he seduction of homosexuality is so powerful - especially when supported by charismatic presidents and powerful lobbying groups - that it can seem so much easier just to succumb, rather than fight. But that fight is for your very soul.”

Well, doesn’t the fact that for Glatze “the seduction of homosexuality is so powerful” kinda suggest that his status as an “ex-gay” is, shall we say, less than unshakable? Discussed here.

Diagnosis: Poor fellow. Seriously. Hopefully harmless.