Sunday, February 20, 2011

#152: Ron Godwin

Falwell’s bulldog (executive assistant) and one of the extremely dangerous, highly delusional and frighteningly influential and powerful Sun Myung Moon musketeers in the US. His goal is, as is Moon’s, a “rejuvenation of Christianity”, which basically means right-wing theocracy, Afghanistan style. Moon actually thinks he is the Messiah, out to establish a worldwide government that abolishes the separation of church and state. And Godwin, together with Robert Grant (chair of Christian Voice) and Donald Sills, are his disciples – Moon apparently assigned to them the following pyramid scheme-like task: “You will be like the three disciples of Jesus. Each one of you will put your self in Jesus' position and multiply three disciples of your own. Then your number will grow to a team of twelve. With twelve people of your character and determination, at this level, you will be invincible. Your catch phrase will be that American Christianity needs resurrection more than revival. Let us resurrect American Christianity.”

Godwin is also the executive vice president of Falwell’s Liberty University, and – through his connection to Moon – has been the vice president of (and is still heavily associated with) Moon’s own personal wingnut periodical, the Washington Times. In fact, Moon has bailed Liberty University out of financial trouble, and seems to have a lot of influence there. Godwin is also former executive director of the Moral Majority.

Diagnosis: Highly delusional cultist; baby-eater vile. Godwin isn’t particularly flashy or famous, and seems to have sailed under the radar of many loonguard activists. He seems to wield a dangerous amount of power, however.


  1. Fascinating. I would think that, due to his association with the Moonie cult, people like Falwell and the MM wouldn't want anything to do with him.

    So if this one was named "Godwin," am I right in assuming "Gothard" is next?

  2. I think ol' Jerry would have objected, but the Moonies have managed to infiltrate the Falwell dynasty, top to bottom. They have for instance pushed enormous sums into Liberty University and seem to have gained substantial control over it.