Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fan-mail Time

Please excuse the diversion from our regular format; we just received a wonderful piece of "fan" email that was simply too awesome not to share. And so here it is for your entertainment:

So what the fuck is your problem?
Why are YOU so goddamn smug?
Who are you to ridicule a Zionist conspiracy? The Zionist conspiracy was involved in the very formation of the nation of Israel?!! Fucking dumbass.
You're probably the type who believes the official media story of 9-11, without a critical mind to investigate alternatives. And how sick of you to ridicule truthseekers and call them "troofers". That's just horrible. Would you rather people NOT try to find truth?!
I bet you believe in the Warren Commission's report as well, and the official propaganda about the Vietnam War...and you undoubtedly believe in the Big Bang, and pure evolution by chance and randomness with no intelligence involved whatsoever. The Big Bang is just as goofy a theory as the "poof-there-it-is!" belief of creationists.
The comic strip on your webpage is the worst I've ever seen! Even worse than The Simpsons animation, even worse than King Of The Hill. Whether you or one of your WOW-playing buddies did it, it's abject garbage.
I bet you're some 20-something punk who think he's a know-it-all. I bet you listen to shitty music and play video games all the time, when you're not making fun of other humans.
If you believe in the official, mainstream trash about 9-11, you're the one who belongs in your American Loons encyclopedia. Why haven't you included yourself yet?
Fuck you, you ignorant non-thinking half-brain.

One wonders if this person has ever encountered a bit of loonery that he or she didn't endorse. Anyway that is all for the time being. If we receive any more similarly awesome messages from our fans, we'll be sure to share them. And now back to our regularly scheduled program...


  1. I want you to know that my mind just broke trying to read that...

  2. Good call Brett, he hits on a lot of the Zeitgeist talking points.

    My apologies Donovan, I really should have included a warning.

  3. Whoa-ho. Someone's hit a nerve. Is this the first mail you've had from people with minds like unfiltered fishtanks?

  4. It's not the first, but it is probably the most impressive.

  5. There was an interesting facebook exchange as well. This guy, K.P., started out with this message:

    "Hey you’re inside and that means you don't need to wear sun glasses. it doesn't make you look cool, instead it makes you look gay. I hope you don't follow the blood type diet. I hope you eat GMO foods, hormone contaminated meat, and drink lots and lots of soda. I hope you get vaccinated every year, especially against swine flu. I hope you drink lots of Fluoridated water and maybe throw in a little Lithium wile you’re at it. I hope you never go outside, to much sunlight causes skin cancer, and I hope all of your friends and anyone who is stupid and ignorant enough to listen to you does the same. May you all stay ignorant and develop lots of disease in the New Year. Your ignorance is dangerous. If followed, it will get people killed and for this I wish you the worse, you deserve it. The Blood Type Does Work and has saved peoples lives. Respect the truth coward."

    OK, that's fair enough. I responded:

    "Thank you for your informative contribution. However, you don't get an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons just by sending me a message on facebook - there's lot of good candidates out there, and the entries are selected based on perceived influence as well as evident crackpottery."

    The real over-the-top crankery, however, was displayed in K.P.'s follow-up. The last sentence is glorious:

    "Don't you have any guilt for taking honest science and portraying it as nonsense especially when it has and will continue to save and enhance peoples lives? Please put into your encyclopedia of American Loons anyone who thinks injecting children with vaccines that contain mercury and alluminum is safe. Good work, you should be proud of yourself for getting your facts right. The next time your doing research try doing it when your not overdosing on whatever drugs your obviously taking. Do some research on Alex Jones and tell me if you think he is a loon as well."

  6. [the first sentence of the first exchange refers to my facebook picture, btw; I find it interesting that K.P. thinks "it makes you look gay" is an actual insult.]

  7. Wow, that is beautiful. I especially love that he ends by referencing you to Alex Jones, one of the looniest loons out there. And it's also especially wonderful that he uses "gay" as an insult. Too perfect. I think this guy just became my hero.