Thursday, March 10, 2011

#165: Wilfred Hahn

We may have entertained some doubts concerning Ted Haggard eligibility for our encyclopedia. No such doubts concerning Wilfred Hahn. For a taste, you may wish to read this. Here he asks the inevitable question I am sure many readers have pondered: “Does government debt have an endtime role?” By even asking the question, you kinda know what Hahn’s answer is going to be. “Taken together with several other trends and a literal scriptural perspective, in our view, it leads to an irrefutable diagnosis. These developments do align with endtime Bible prophecy.” (I think “irrefutable” means “non-falsifiable”). Really, this article is a study in equivocations (you can see them coming from far away in these claims): “The world has agreed to endorse humanist materialism”, “To begin, it is crucial to understand that economics is not a science. It is a philosophy … really, a religion”

Wilfred Hahn is a prolific writer, it seems (a collection is here), which I guess is easy when you don’t have to consider coherence, truth or justification. Much of it is interesting, though. His attacks on anti-Semitism are downright bizarre. His endtime signs for the secularists are amusing, though.

He is also a global warming denialist, interestingly starting from (rather than ending at) the premise that science is a secular conspiracy. I haven’t read anything on evolution from him, but I don’t think I need to. I wasn’t completely able to figure out his argument against China’s one-child-per-couple policy, but the conclusion was “With so many single, non-family-rooted men soon coming of military age in the future, events and trends could move into rapid alignment with events prophesied in Revelation 9:14".

Hahn may be Canadian, but has at least operated from the US for a while.

Diagnosis: Delusional dimwit. Probably relatively harmless.


  1. Ah, it's soon time for some Ham!

  2. You will stand before Jesus when you die, and will have no excuse for rejecting His free offer of salvation. You will spend eternity in hell. I supposed that does not concern you at all.

    1. Will you be in Heaven? If so, Hell somewhat starts be berable.