Thursday, March 24, 2011

#180: Eric Hovind

Kent’s son, Eric Hovind is currently in charge of his dad's ministry. He is just as insane, and is equally inept at evaluating arguments and evidence as is father – so we get the same silly young earth creationist arguments, the same fallacies, stories about the age of the earth, Noah’s flood and so on that we all know and love. For only $ 9.95 per episode you can get his minute-long idiotic (but lavishly constructed) vignettes here.

In general, he seems to rely a little less on science-mangling and more on pure reading of the Bible, without having to deal with that pesky secularist conspiracy. He is, however, willing to sacrifice medicine if it turns out to have been influenced by the Theory of Evolution.

Here’s Eric Hovind on money: “It's not your money, it's God's”. You can grasp the pattern from that one, I assume. And from this one, and this.

A favorite argument (the flood and Grand Canyon): the current level of the Colorado River is several thousand feet lower than the peak elevations of the Grand Canyon, therefore the river must have flowed uphill to cut the canyon when it was formed.

More here.

Diagnosis: I’m sure his father is proud of him, but it is still unclear whether he possesses that persistently, powerful presence of fail that lead to his father’s success among the less rationally endowed.


  1. The vignettes page has a bunch of link-farm links on it. My iPod Touch renders the HTML differently (when clicking thru Google Reader) so I could see it. Some not Christian things, too!

  2. At least there is plenty evidence that Eric is slightly dumber than his father, and that is pretty noteworthy.

  3. Are you smarter than a Hovind? Check for yourself. (The answer is "yes", pretty much no matter who you are apart from Eric Hovind.)