Wednesday, March 16, 2011

#168: Sean Hannity

Hannity needs little introduction. But in any case he is a famous Fox News talk show host discovered by Rush Limbaugh who seems to think that “peace” means “blowing the shit out of dirty foreigners”.

Compared to the insane bozo (or perhaps fraud) Glenn Beck, Hannity is a slick liar who may be more intelligent than he appears to be, but who has a background of palling around with neo-nazis like Hal Turner (see Sullivan’s comparison of Beck and Hannity). He has recently been involved in a charity scam as well.

Now Hannity may be more a paid PR agent for the extreme right than a genuine believer, and as such he may be completely devoid of intellectual honesty and completely uninterested in truth, rather than a true loon. But his real beliefs could be very far away from those he actually espouses and still make him a loon. His sole argument against global warming was “doesn’t exist”, for instance. And his interview with con man John Edward … well, you cannot fake this; seriously.

He isn’t very good at reading material that doesn’t conform to his ideology either.

Bonus: see Hannity squirm when his own dirty tricks are used against him.

He is described in some more detail here.

Diagnosis: Another important motivator for ignorance and idiocy, Hannity may not quite be the inane nitwit he portrays himself as (he may instead be completely intellectually dishonest). Some things seem too hard to fake, however, and I think it is safe to say that he is moronic (or delusional) enough to qualify for an entry.


  1. Amanda Marcotte rips Hannity to shreds. (Worth linking to even though it is somewhat outside of our scope here.)

  2. Several years ago, a commenter on Brayton's blog claimed to know Hannity very well and stated that, like Ann
    Coulter, he doesn't believe most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth. In other words, he's a grifter pandering to the Fascist News Channel intellectually challenged audience.