Friday, March 18, 2011

#176: Richard C. Hoagland

Up next is one of the main entries of our Encyclopedia of Loons, Richard Hoagland. He is, according the Enterprise Mission (Hoagland’s own organization), a former space museum curator, NASA advisor, and science adviser to Walter Cronkite and CBS news. Some window-dressing of facts is evidently going on here, as it is with respect to the claim that the Enterprise Mission is supported by many NASA senior officials, and has visited NASA centers multiple times.

Thing is, Richard Hoagland is ravingly insane. It is presumably in virtue of this qualification that he is also on the Board of Directors for American Antigravity.

Among other things, Hoagland is one of the most active promoters of Däniken-like theories in the States, and was the first to procure the ultimate evidence for the existence of a high-tech civilization period prior to the known Egyptian civilization, namely the infamous Abydo helicopter.

He is perhaps most famous, however, for his theory that the Face on Mars in Cydonia Mensae was made by aliens. He offers as proof many coincidences about ratios of angles formed by structures in Cydonia Mensae, most of which are made up. The rest is pure numerology. Apparently (according to Hoagland) it has something to do with crop circles.

But even that is only a start. Among his other claims is that Iapetus (one of Saturn’s moons) is artificial, and that there are semi-transparent glass structures on the moon. Now, you might ask: if these claims were true, why are they not better known?

Ahh … you don’t really need to ask, do you?

You see, NASA has covered up nearly every discovery they’ve made through space exploration (it is a little unclear why), and the conspiracy that the moon-landing was a hoax (common enough in Hoagland’s natural habitat) was set forth by NASA itself to divert attention from the real issues. NASA also murdered the Apollo 13 astronauts. And 9/11 was a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy with the US government. The 12 moon-walkers, who would be qualified to confirm the existence of lunar artifacts and glass structures, have of course had their memories selectively edited via hypnosis so that they no longer remember seeing evidence of a lunar civilization. Furthermore, interplanetary warfare is currently being waged right now in Earth orbit, conducted by factions of a secret supra-national World Government.

To give you a taster of Hoagland’s deranged mind, he claims that The Norwegian Spiral was more than a Russian missile test failing; rather, a torsion field weapon intercepted the missile
in mid-flight. Who was behind it? Well, most probably one of many "Nazi-derived off-world colonies". For what purpose? To intimidate Obama (who was accepting his Nobel Peace prize in Oslo at that time) – and it was successful, Hoagland claims, since Obama subsequently cancelled the Constellation program. Hence, Obama was "blackmailed (...) Into "imprisoning" Humanity on Earth ....". Oh, those darn Jewish-Masonic Nazi Muslim Aliens terrorizing the stratosphere, always causing trouble.

He has also proposed a form of physics he calls 'hyperdimensional physics' based on the work of pseudoscientific overunity claimant Thomas E. Bearden (briefly discussed here), who might be a notch more delusionally cranky than even Hoagland, thus proving to be an irresistible magnet for the latter.

Hoagland is discussed in some detail here, and there is more food for thought in the wikipedia article (he is, among other things, a global warming denialist, though for interesting and unusual reasons).

Diagnosis: Astronomy’s answer to Ken Ham – with conspiracy theories attached (every conceivable one) – who thinks X-files is a documentary and apparently believes every single random claim that enters his head (entertaining a hypothesis without accepting it is apparently not a skill he has managed to develop). It is unclear how harmful he is, but he has achieved some notoriety and fame. Well deserved.


  1. Two things here. First, it's the Apollo 1 astronauts who NASA "killed" and 911 was caused by those afore mentioned space NAZIS (with death rays), who again were "trying to send a message". As to his actual sanity, I'm thinking he's just using the veneer of science to reinforce other people's delusions in the name of profit (the guy hasn't had a real job since Apollo).

  2. Hoagland is hiding & LYING about secret Faces of Mars he has had & provided to UFO DIARIES in early 90's!

  3. The guy who wrote this article is the one who is on the brink of insanity. We are the ones with PHYSICAL, SUBSTANTIVE, MATERIAL EVIDENCE about ALIEN INTELLIGENCES & UFOs. PROOF -

  4. So the FACT that structures are blurred out on OFFICIAL Moon photographs means what? And when he theorized that the North Pole on Saturn would have a hexagon cloud cast (which ACTUAL NASA Imaging VERIFIED) means what? Yeah, we're gonna put the TARD that Blogged THIS SHIT ARTICLE above someone with actual FACTS & PROOF! Nice try, sunshine. You're not even good enough to fill the role of jealous liberal blogger that insists Brittney Spears is a no-talent hack! Probably too dumb to figure out what that means, too.

    1. At least the fact that you judge my mental capacities on the basis of whether I "get" one of your obscure references might tell me a bit about how you came to view Hoagland as an authority on astronomical issues. :)

    2. OOooooo what lies!!! What terrible, terrible lies!!! Hoagland NEVER predicted the hexagonal clouds of Saturn's north pole. He waited until Voyager 1 made the discovery in November 1980, then said "Oh yeah, I predicted that." When asked where his prediction made prior to that date can be seen and read, he falls silent.

  5. Gregory Volz - A Real American Loon.

  6. Richard is not a hoax. They want to shut him up! He researches and there may be times when something turns out to be wrong and it's admitted and he keeps trucking! Try researching and verifying information talking tracking people down etc. no he may get it wrong every once in awhile it's because of people that are lying or their info is wrong!
    There is wreckage on Mars as well as the moon and all planets. We do not know crap! Why are they hiding it? Money, power, control, greed!

  7. Update: From July 2015 to October 2016 Hoagland hosted a five-nights-a-week streamed radio show "The Other Side of Midnight." Its main feature was Hoagland's annoying habit of constantly interrupting his guests and talking over them. Since October 2016 there have been no new shows and Hoagland has been taking $5/month subscriptions from members who get access to the archives in return.

  8. You left out the time Hoagland said that Obama was going to be the president who gave full disclosure on ufo's. He made this comment based on a short lived ABC TV series that has a black president when aliens land on Earth and make themselves known. He used as further 'proof' that the title of the series had some kind of message hidden in it.