Friday, March 18, 2011

#174: Peter Heck

Utterly dense creationist and author of “Darwinists’ swine flu science” for onenewsnow, an unremarkable piece that trots through all the standard creationists misunderstandings, fallacies and dishonesties. According to Heck “It never ceases to amaze me how intellectually condescending evolutionary naturalists can be.” (from which he goes on to condescend, the difference being that he does so from a position of near perfect ignorance, thereby also showing why people like Heck should indeed be treated with a condescending attitude). It is basically one long argument from ignorance in favor of ignorance, and completely without merit or notability, were it not for the fact that it was subjected to this very nice takedown.

The other point of notability is the illustration of standard creationist dishonesty when he responds to the takedown. Still, he merits inclusion in our Encyclopedia primarily for the same reason as Tim Harlow – standing as a representative of an ocean of dishonest, ignorant zealots who sticks to their preconceived delusions in the face of reality, reason and evidence (the latter of which they are completely unable to recognize anyway).

Diagnosis: Loon. Probably unimportant, but his attitudes and ignorance are widespread.


  1. I assume that this is the same Peter Heck? If it isn't, then this one would have been a worthy entry as well.

  2. Here's Peter Heck failing to understand what "ignorance" means.

  3. Peter Heck is out with another brilliant argument linking the decline of America and the growth of atheism.