Saturday, May 7, 2011

196: Marie Jon

From her own biographical info: “Marie Jon is a political/religious analyst-based writer and founder of and — sister websites to RenewAmerica. Marie extends her hand of welcome; visit DrawingClose and receive your free gift of salvation by taking an online Bible study.” That sets the tone.

Her column can be found here. In her column, Marie Jon offers marriage advice and advice on love and women’s interests, as well as general commentaries on the development of society (she is a huge fan of Rush Limbaugh), all against a background of firm Biblical values. She accuses Obama of introducing bigotry, racism and Marxism dishonestly disguised as Christianity (huh?) and blames him for the BP oil spill – at least accuses him for having a hidden agenda for being so slow to act, (as opposed to how Bush acted responsibly and immediately after Katrina!). Oh, and then of course there is the healthcare/death panel stuff. A common thread through her columns is the extreme paranoia for something she calls “social justice”, but which she never really seems to quite grasp. Fortunately, her main strategy in her fight against communism is … to pray.

She is also a firm young earth creationist, and complains that modern genetics pay too little attention to our last known common ancestor, Noah. She even bought into the Bob Cornuke story (here and here).

Still, it is her advice on love and relationship that has garnered the most attention – in particular her well-founded claim that modern feminism is founded on occultism, demonic spiritualism and necromancy. Yup – pro-choice advocates, women's rights movements and feminist movements are all satanic. Which, to Marie Jon, is obviously true insofar as they seek to violate God’s natural law set down in the Garden of Eden. You can figure out her relationship advice from there.

Diagnosis: Irrevocably insane and moronic godbotter who is unable to see that her fire and brimstone fundamentalism and godbottery sits poorly with the fluffy, rosy, children and laughter perspective on the world she attempts to deploy. Her impact is unknown, but probably not too extensive.


  1. Is this the Occupy Moonbatville site on the web? My my! Attacking a true classy lady behind her back! Oh wait, this is the headquarters for NAMBLA! That explains the nasty stench I smell here!

  2. Wow, I think I lost 5 IQ points for each of the comments here. I can't believe how stupid and ignorant some people are.

  3. I love this website...I have found so many excellent people out there because of this lunatics obsession with any person to the right of Ted Kennedy....thank you for pointing out this wonderful lady!