Monday, May 30, 2011

#219: Joe Kovacs

Joe Kovacs is the executive news editor for World Net Daily. That alone should qualify him for an entry, but Kovacs hasn’t been lazy contributing to his candidacy. Among his more interesting “articles” is his musings about whether lunar eclipses signal the return of Jesus (a good example of the kind of rigor and sense of accuracy you would expect from a news editor of World Net Daily). Another example of how Kovacs and the WND hive runs business is this one.

Kovacs has also argued that Easter is a pagan holiday that should not be celebrated by Christians (including a couple of hilarious fails).

Diagnosis: Hardcore fundamentalist engaged in a desperate fight against truth, evidence, accuracy and reason. He may not be the biggest name associated with World Net Daily, but he is an excellent, living illustration of what kind of news outlet this really is.


  1. Weird thing is, he's right about Easter, technically. The pagans had it first and the Christians just adjusted their celebration date to match it, to make it easier to get the pagans to go along with it. Same with Christmas.

    I guess even a stopped brain is right twice a year.

  2. Kovacs on the long line of evidence suggesting that Obama is possessed by demons. Primarily the evidence is that i) a fly once landed on him, and ii) the actor playing the Devil in the History Channel production on the Bible, looks a bit like Obama (probably mostly because people with a certain skin color more or less look the same to people like Kovacs).

  3. Kovac is just asking questions again. The question he is asking is whether Obama is ushering in the Islamic caliphate.