Sunday, May 22, 2011

203: Jack Kelley

Jumping from Bill Keller, we find a fellow fundie nitwit. Jack Kelley is a prolific evangelical writer and speaker whose main obsession seems to be distorting real events to fit Biblical prophecies and thus support the idea that the end is near (here's an example). His other schtick is offering bizarre defenses of Israeli settlements in occupied territories, and claiming that liberals such as Dick Cheney are semi-secretly opposing this. Among his more fascinating talking points is how certain people (from other religions) are ‘obviously delusional’ with respect to their religious beliefs.

He does not like evolution either – but does like Mel Gibson’s Passion; a fair trade-off.

You can get some good voting advice here. Remember that “tolerance and choice are just nice sounding words that really stand for rebellion against Him”. He paints a bleak scenario of society if you vote wrong; as Kelley warns us “[t]hose with the greatest ability could wind up supporting those with the greatest need” (which, sadly, will probably in fact be taken as scary by some of Kelley’s followers). For the last presidential election he didn’t provide an unambiguous recommendation, however, since the Christians would be outnumbered among the voters any way (that is, the True Christians™). And as a consequence of the fulfillment of prophecies this brings along “this could very well be the last presidential election we'll ever vote in.”

Diagnosis: Just another crazy fundie godbotter, really, but he seems (or claims) to have a substantial group of followers.

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