Monday, May 23, 2011

#208: Cliff Kincaid

Cliff Kincaid is a central figure in (and editor of) the delusionally wingnut “media watchdog” Accuracy in Media (AIM), most famous for accusing mainstream media of missing (or deliberately suppressing) all the real conspiracies out there. Their most famous stunt (of which Kincaid was to a large extent the architect) was making allegations that President Bill Clinton was connected to the suicide of Vincent Foster. AIM contends, contrary to all evidence, that "Foster was murdered” and faults the media for not picking up on the conspiracy. They have even gone to court for documents and recordings linked to the case (and failed).

AIM has been deeply involved with Fox News, but didn’t fail to criticize them for broadcasting "The Heat is On," which reported that global warming represents a serious problem. Kincaid argued (well, incoherently complained) that the piece was one-sided and stated that this "scandal" amounted to a "hostile takeover of Fox News". In general, AIM seems to assume that objectivity means giving both sides of an issue equal time (regardless of whether both sides have any basis in reality), but only applies the principle when they feel that the fundie wingnut side has been neglected. They are also highly critical of the U.N.

Here’s Kincaid ranting against libertarians for daring to think that gays are human beings with equal rights and that the First Amendment actually applies to things Kincaid doesn’t fancy. He commits most of the know fallacies associated with anti-gay bigotry in the process.

He also reacted unfavorably to media criticism of Uganda’s draconian anti-gay laws, claiming that the media criticism amounts to persecution of Christians.

Kincaid thinks he has evidence that Obama is a communist. The reason he thinks that is probably because he does not have the slightest clue about how to discern evidence from delusionally insane paranoia.

Diagnosis: Rabidly delusional wingnut who apparently thinks “accuracy” means “roughly matching my paranoid delusions” – and he is completely insane. AIM still exists, however, and is apparently well funded to boot. That’s the sad and scary part.


  1. Kincaid whines about the GOP not doing enough to stop the presidential inauguration, since Obama is clearly a Marxist.

  2. Kincaid agrees that Obama would have been arrested if he weren’t the president, because he pals around with terrorists like Chuck Hagel and John Brennan.

    Here are his two cents on Al Gore's islamist connections. What about trying, you know, reality for once, Cliff?

  3. Kincaid isn't even trying to hide his delusions anymore it seems, and is ripe for He has for instance claimed that Soros and Obama allies have been trying to pick the next pope. He has also urged the CPAC to investigate why gays seem so prone to violence and treason (also here). And have a look at this.

  4. Kincaid continues to see communists under every rug and around every corner, and they are still conspiring to overtake and destroy America, like in all those 50s propaganda movies. So he pertinently issued a warning that New York mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is the candidate of "international communism, terrorism and global Islam." To back it up? Kincaid disagrees with de Blasio on policy issues. That automatically makes de Blasio the antichrist, or worse. He was also upset about a new comic book chronicling the life of Nelson Mandela, which he thinks is dangerous communist brainwashing that will indoctrinate kids into communism ... by not calling Mandela a communist.