Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#244: Marvin Lubenow

Lubenow is a young earth creationist most famous for his work on explaining (away) the fossils of early hominids such as homo erectus. In line with the usual creationist approach, the early hominids have to be explained away as either humans (perhaps as races that disappeared in the Flood – or, as according to Kurt Wise, Babel; see here or here) or as apes. It has generated a lot of ridiculous controversy within the creationism movement, and Lubenow disagrees, for instance, with Answers in Genesis’s A.W. Mehlert on the classification of homo habilis as probably human (for more on the various, completely arbitrary creationist positions, see here (dealing with Lubenow in particular) and here).

While he appears (to the uninitiated) to have some grasp of the language of the relevant sciences, Lubenow just doesn’t understand it (he has a master in theology, and an M.S. with a major in anthropology, but no relevant education in the relevant fields – though he has a honorary degree from Christian Heritage College, Tim LaHaye’s institution). The lack of understanding is cruelly laid bare in his confused rantings about Lucy. A main claim seems to be that evilutionists have tampered with the evidence. Lubenow’s claim seems to have made some impact among the most radical kooks, such as one Nick Lally, who is behind this exasperatingly ignorant rant. The conspiracy gambit is of course common when creationists are dealing with the interpretation of fossil finds; see, for instance, the hilariously ignorant quote by one Thomas Kendall here.

The most famous of Lubenov’s amazing claims are provided in his book “Bones of Contention” from 1992. A good discussion of it can be found here; another one is here.

Diagnosis: Utterly ignorant crackpot with an unrevisable premise and enough confirmation bias (and sufficient lack of critical thinking skills) to twist anything into evidence for/against anything. Complete boulderbrain, but he enjoys some respect among his peers.


  1. "he has a master in theology, and no education in science". Hum... Did you forget that Lubenow also has a Master of Science degree (M.S.) from Eastern Michigan University with a major in anthropology?

  2. We stand corrected. Lubenow doesn't have relevant education in the relevant fields. (The text should now be corrected).

    1. "We stand corrected."
      Of cource. Otherwise you will be the main character in the next blog post on the American loons ;).
      "Lubenow doesn't have relevant education in the relevant fields."
      What fields are you talking about? His master in science with a major in anthropology is definitely in the relevant fields when writing the book "Bones Of Contention", writing expert articles and blog posts, comment on fossil materials etc. Add more than thirty five years of experience to that. Michael Charney (evolutionist), Professor in anthropology (Colorado State University) with over fifty years of experience, says this about Lubenow: "Like a true scholar, Lubenow has researched in depth the literature in scientific journals, sifting the evidence, searching out the areas open to interpretation. He is a pleasure to fence with intellectually". How is that evolutionists always talks about lack of education, misunderstanding (of evolution) and conspiracy when it comes to creationists? Where are the unprejudiced discussions between experts - whether you´re an evolutionist or an creationist? Ou yeah, there are creationist experts ;). Wants discussions with substance, not stupid (pardon) blog posts.

    2. And how is paper mining relevant research. Has he ever taken part in a dig in East Africa? Has he ever taken courses in comparative anatomy and examined any fossil evidence. In short has he ever done anything practical in his life. Typical of creos he rubbishes y=the lifetime's research of others without having done anything himself!!!!!!

      A desk jockey - all sound and no substance