Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#325: Janet Porter

Janet Porter is another writer for WorldNetDaily and well-known SPAGger. In a 2010 commentary she claimed that America is cursed by God (Deuteronomy 28:12) in order to warn against America borrowing money from other nations (she also lied outright and claimed that – apparently relatedly, though it is not obvious how –the Obama administration planned to institute death panels). The curse apparently visited upon America appears to be budget deficits (which, of course, is the current administration’s fault) – and Obama’s death panels. Fortunately she has also claimed that Americans should use the most effective weapon they have to bring down Obamacare: prayer. That would in fact be her usual strategy; with respect to the case at hand she arranged “May Day: A Cry to God for Our Nation in Distress” (“Porter said Cynthia Dunbar, a lawyer who serves on the Texas State Board of Education, will attend and ask God for forgiveness for how the nation has removed Him from American schools”).

She is also head of Faith2Action; and guess who was behind this one.

Predictably, she is unhingedly anti-gay, and doesn’t care whether she has to lie through her teeth to convince others. Truth is simply not important as long as lying could possible serve to back up her delusional charges. Despite the lunacy of her ravings, she does have some power, and she is – among other things – behind Ohio’s notorious “heartbeat bill” to restore God’s blessings to America (endorsed by both Bachmann and Perry), though there is in fact some evidence that this one may be backfiring.

Porter also warns against forgetting praying in Congress, or even worse – praying to anything but her own deity. As evidence for the danger, she pointed out that because America was “dedicated to God” and Haiti was “dedicated to Satan”, that's why Haiti is poor and America is rich.

Porter is also a young earth creationist defending floodgeology, she touts cancer quackery, and she’s a Christian dominionist and follower of Gary DeMar and Gary North (when confronted with it, she claimed that she had never heard of dominionism, despite the fact that she has repeatedly explicitly advocated it using that very term). And with that we can conclude that Porter’s is the complete array of crazy. In fact, Porter actually believes that Obama is a Soviet spy.

But no matter her other antics, this simply has to be read – this is taking hysterically incoherent delusional paranoia to hitherto unexplored heights.

There is a good Janet Porter resource here.

Diagnosis: Stark raving mad. In fact, Porter is in fact the purest crasy, untainted by reason, sanity or truth. By Grey’s law she’s also evil.


  1. Janet Porter has finally figured out that the Fema concentration camp conspiracy might be a little over the top. Instead, she goes for the totally different FEMA gestapo conspiracy, which is otherwise equivalent and, in particular, also out to get her.

  2. Janet Porter, predictably enough, trying to argue that Obama is going to criminalize opposition to gay rights.

  3. Janet Porter, no stranger to hyperbole, has a new film out arguing that if "homosexual activists achieve their goal" it will mean the criminalization of Christianity.

  4. Porter weighs in on the alleged IRS scandal, claiming that Obama and the IRS (yes, there is of course a direct link) threaten "our ability to exist" and have committed "the ultimate hate crime">

  5. Porter, never one to shy away from hyperbole, thinks that under Obamacare we are all dead, which is a very weird thing to say in so many ways.

  6. Porter, like Perkins, is convinced the tide has turned against the "homosexual agenda". Not much sensitivity to reality going on there. Here is Porter and Scarborough being criminally insane.