Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#331: Fazale “Fuz” Rana

Fuz Rana is an old earth creationist. As such, he belongs to the more “scientifically respectable” creationist tradition called “intelligent design”. Rana does research. In the new ID journal “BIO-complexity”, he contributed a paper trying to explain why harmful bacteria would exist if they were created by a good and benevolent god. He argues that they were created to be perfect, but have since evolved their harmful natures. Sounds familiar? Yup, it is the same drivel young-earth creationist and certified (and more or less self-proclaimed) raving lunatic Georgia Purdom (covered a couple of posts ago) published in Answers. In other words, Rana is a brilliant example of what the “scientifically credible” ID movement (“as opposed to” the inherently religious creationist movement) really amounts to.

Rana is a biochemist (the educated sidekick to the unfailingly dense Hugh Ross – they often work together) and an unfailing apologetic for religious fundamentalism. Hence, he either fails to understand the fundamentals of evolution, or – which may be just as likely – he just lies, blatantly, about the existing palaentological data.

Oh, and Rana also doesn’t believe that there is intelligent life on other planets, which is fair enough. The evidence, however, is that there was one unique Jesus who died for all sinners; since he didn’t on other planets such aliens must be without sin or else not exist. The latter is the more plausible option, it seems.

Diagnosis: Kook and fundamentalist, standard mix, who tries to pass as a near-scientist and is almost as convincing as such as kids who dress up as Dr. Doom on Halloween.


  1. He recently debated a philosopher of biology and displayed n apparent immunity to logical argumentation.....

  2. Rana weighs in on Encode, displaying his usual lack of insight and understanding.

  3. I'm completely enthralled by your top-shelf analysis....um, no. If you're attempting to be credible, be better than your mirror critics--that being ad hominem throwing Christian hit-piece websites. Otherwise, this is mental masturbation and nothing more than a stroke of your ego. Good day.

  4. Lol. This website is a great impression of an armchair atheist afraid of his own mortality so he make baseless attack against people more educated than him in an effort to feel intellectually superior